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  1. I have been decorating big for over 20 years, animated since 2005. There have been a couple years that I haven't been motivated but once I start setting up, the excitement starts growing. Due to health issues with my wife, we are looking at next year as our final year for a big display. I have a lot of mixed feeling about it.
  2. Easier way. Create a 10 second blank animation sequence and insert it between your musical sequences.
  3. I do exactly that. I think it's a no for question two.
  4. I have quite a few using this setup. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send some your way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbVZf4NNSTU
  5. That looks like a pretty basic setup. Shouldn't take long to do. I on the other hand start about Oct 15.
  6. I used to use my stage moniters for outdoor speakers, which are quite directional. While I didn't get any complaints from my immediate neighbors, I got a police complaint from a half block away from someone who said the music was rattling their windows. Redirecting the speaker about an inch solved it.
  7. Now let’s name everyone’s display. First was Holdman’s.
  8. I bought four of those flame lights. I like em.
  9. Check out this thread for some good insight.
  10. I usually end up pulling the plugs off of a couple things while getting them out of the ice, but no problems with extensions waiting till spring.
  11. Simple answer. Yes, lights have always flickered at my house.
  12. I like the color swipes on the stars. It gives the illusion that they are turning.
  13. Have you tried to put a snubber on the channel. Add a single C7 lightbulb to the channel and see if it then works .
  14. You can run a phone line and use the other jack, it will work fine. Actually I use a phone line out of my computer to my first box since it's flat and I can put it through my window and still close it. (old window). You can also get a cat 5 splitter and put it on the good connector.
  15. Clean ,concise, great timing and sense of movement. A++ for a16 channel display. You get a 🙂 sticker on your report card.
  16. That's one piece of advise I always give to newbies. Figure out how many extension cords you need and then triple it. Then be ready to buy more.
  17. You can start by running your show through the LOR Verifier. That should weed out most programming issues.
  18. What level software do you have? Have you swapped out before and after?
  19. You don’t schedule in the HU. You schedule in the Schedule Editor
  20. If you are talking about wire frame display pieces, then you can use a lightoRama controller, but you can’t use a PC controller because it does not have a standalone mode. You would have to use one of the CBT16 commercial controllers in the metal cases. They allow you to save an animation sequence to use in standalone mode.
  21. Good job. Welcome to the madness.
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