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  1. Brian Mitchell

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    Marty Slack has a great how to on building coro projects at www.christmasutah.com I believe in simplicity in my singers. Just two mouth positions open and closed. The audience all gets it and programming is much simpler. I'm adding light bulb backup singers. Just plain ol' incans. I use a variety of sets. 100's (often split into 50's, 35 sets, and 20 sets (from candy canes). With a little planning, things can come out pretty even with few bulbs left over.
  2. Brian Mitchell

    Drone Recording (Audio)

    My buddies drone records the audio from his phone while flying so you can actually hear what’s going on.
  3. Brian Mitchell

    Advise on next LOR Purchase

    I agree with what's been said. Upgrade to advanced to get all the tools, especially the beat wizard. There is definitely a learning curve to sequencing and it will go faster. Best to get some shared sequences and see how others do it to learn tricks. Funny, 5 hours for 30 seconds sounds about right but then I have about 300 channels. The CTB16PC's are probably best for you at this point. If you are looking at doing coro, Marty Slack has a great how to on his website. www.christmasutah.com
  4. Brian Mitchell

    Forsale singing trees

    I have a disdain for the HC trees and their oversized mouths.
  5. Brian Mitchell

    Forsale singing trees

    Burn them.
  6. Brian Mitchell

    New to Pixels

    It sounds like you were trying to jump into the deep end without a life preserver or knowing how to swim. Tell us what you are trying to do with the lights and we will have a better idea of what to tell you.
  7. Brian Mitchell

    Photobucket - Downloading/Retrieving your light display pics

    This is a good example of why I don't use any cloud services to store my files unless it is just a backup copy. Better to have an external drive of some kind.
  8. Brian Mitchell


    I hope you immediately changed your password.
  9. Brian Mitchell

    Wizards in Winter from Drone

    Good job! Looks like you had two red mini trees misbehaving.
  10. Brian Mitchell

    Vocal vs. Instrumental?

    I have both in my show. I like the mix. Just make. Sure you pick songs that you can stand to listen to a thousand times.
  11. Brian Mitchell

    Plywood cutout movement by motor - help

    You can get wiper motors cheap from a salvage yard.
  12. Brian Mitchell

    Plywood cutout movement by motor - help

    Windshield wiper motor and a variable power supply.
  13. Brian Mitchell

    Show not starting ...

    Run the LOR verifier to see if it gives you any errors or clues.
  14. Brian Mitchell

    Singing Trees

    Make your own trees. Don't get those oversized mouth ones that everyone else has.
  15. Brian Mitchell

    R.I.P. Robin Stublen

    He is also the namesake of the Robin Wheel that many of us have in our displays. RIP.