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  1. Multiple saved schedules?

    Go to the Calendar tab in the schedule editor and you can put in a simple schedule by day.
  2. new computer

    After installing light O Rama, copy the entire audio and sequence folder from one computer to the other. Make sure you put it in the Light O Rama folder.
  3. The Man

    Nice sequencing. The song has the feel of a Talking Heads / Beegees mashup.
  4. What does everyone use for their beginning show sequence?

    I usually open with one of my new songs of the year.
  5. Can't play show

    Run the verifier program.
  6. Transferring sequences

    After you have installed the program on the second computer, copy the sequence and audio folders to the new computer.
  7. How to Design Preview With Multiple "Stages"

    Photoshop together a picture of the front and the side of your house.
  8. Controlling Lights with microphones

    LOR is not designed to do that. It’s more of a DMX disco function.
  9. Random channels comming on

    I have seen what you might call ghost sequences before. Try resequencing the area in the channels where you are seeing the lights. Do not copy and paste into the sections.
  10. Random channels comming on

    I'm running out of ideas. Maybe it's a flaky 485 adapter. I'll rule out the need for snubbers since it's on random channels. If it actually is random and on random channels then I don't know. If it was same channels at the same parts of songs, then I'd have a couple more ideas.
  11. Random channels comming on

    Try a physical reset on the controllers. Unplug the controller, pull the jumper off the two pins in the controller, plug in. The led will blink quickly. Unplug and replace the jumper. Also you may have a bad cat 5 cable.
  12. CORO Products

    I think it is most satisfying to create your own Coro designs. The Coro characters in my display I did myself. They are not difficult to do. There is great how to video at www.christmasutah.com
  13. Blow Mold Problem

    If the candle uses a C7 bulb just get a new wire and socket from Walmart. They are like three dollars. If it is a full size lightbulb, you can get one at home depot. There is probably a broken wire somewhere in the cord.
  14. Continuous or Not?

    I play continuous music but only have sequenced shows for 10 minutes on and then five minutes off. Eight different shows over a 2 Hour Loop.
  15. Show plays but no lights?! Help!

    In the sequence editor go into network preferences change the speed down to a slower speed and then see if the lights work. I have run into that problem with one of my adapters.