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  1. Do you hear what I hear by Spiraling. Goes to The Who’s Teenage Wasteland. Also Takin care of Christmas by Randy Bachman.
  2. Walmart had some Super Sparkle net lights this past season that would probably look pretty good for that.
  3. Looks great. The raccoon is hilarious. Great catch.
  4. Just create a one minute sequence with all lights on and play it on repeat from the sequence editor.
  5. I would keep it inside a few days open and then try it again to make sure it isn't just a moisture issue.
  6. Make sure you save your sequences and audio folders to put back in after your install.
  7. First, make sure that none of your controllers got wet. Then I would start to do hard resets on each controller.
  8. Just amazing! Great sequencing. Even George will like it. 😀
  9. Obviously the utility does not want to incur the expense of repairing their lines. Hopefully you can get your neighbors to call in the problem also. There is strength in numbers. My lights flicker all the time , but I am running a large show of a 100 amp service. It could also be a transformer that serves the hub going bad.
  10. Run the verifier program. It will find the problems.
  11. I use garden fencing from HD and zip tie the canes to it.
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