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  1. Just amazing! Great sequencing. Even George will like it. 😀
  2. Obviously the utility does not want to incur the expense of repairing their lines. Hopefully you can get your neighbors to call in the problem also. There is strength in numbers. My lights flicker all the time , but I am running a large show of a 100 amp service. It could also be a transformer that serves the hub going bad.
  3. Run the verifier program. It will find the problems.
  4. Awesomeness! Unique music selections.
  5. I use garden fencing from HD and zip tie the canes to it.
  6. Is the audio file corrupt? Will it play completely through in windows media player?
  7. Yes. Read a lot and search before you ask. Most questions have already been answered and can be found with a quick search. If you don’t find the answer then ask.
  8. Are there extension cords involved? Check for a bad extension, causing a short.
  9. I hurt my back two weeks before setup start and it has put me about a week behind where I would normally be. Luckily we have the extra week this year. I should just barely make it. I now only have two more days and a couple mornings that I can work on it before light up.
  10. Did you set up the new channels with the correct configuration in your sequences?
  11. The best way is to create your own sequences specifically tailored to your display to get the full wow factor. Pre-bought displays,while they do blink to the beat, never seem to match up perfectly to the display
  12. I have been decorating big for over 20 years, animated since 2005. There have been a couple years that I haven't been motivated but once I start setting up, the excitement starts growing. Due to health issues with my wife, we are looking at next year as our final year for a big display. I have a lot of mixed feeling about it.
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