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  1. To answer a few of your questions, LOR controllers are not really fussy, as I well know, being from New Hampshire. The only suggestions I can make is to make sure they don't get buried in a snow bank or hung in a way that water will drip into them. Hang them cords down and you can put a piece of tape over the hole where the data cable goes in. I never have. You can easily change controller #2 to #3. The order doesn't matter. Each controller only looks for the data intended for its ID and ignores the rest. However many extension cords you think you will need, double or triple it. Look into buying a roll of spt1 or spt2 and vampire plugs to make custom cords at the length you need. In the long run it is less expensive and less bulky to store. I have 8 totes full of standard cords. It's not economical for me to change. Brian
  2. No comm ports

    Been using LOR for 13 years and still felt like a rookie today.
  3. No comm ports

    Issue is completely resolved. I searched online for drivers for the newer adapter that LOR had sent me. Installed it and now works perfect. Apparently not the same driver that is on the LOR website.
  4. No comm ports

    Thank you for the clue Jim. When I plugged in the adapter, it showed up as unknown device. I had to install the RJ485 driver also. It still did not come up so for kicks I took the old white 485 adapter off my show computer along with my old usb to serial adapter and tried that. IT CAME UP. Now the controller is found in the HU but still had a blinking light in the SE. I double and triple checked the comm port and it was correct. So I changed the speed down to 19.2 and suddenly I have a solid light. Now I still need to figure out why the newer adapter is not working because I need the old one on my ancient show computer. The new adapter works fine on my sequencing computer. I think I am still missing the right driver somewhere.
  5. No comm ports

    Trying to set up an older laptop to use LOR. I've installed the USB to serial driver from the website however the hardware utility does not find any comm ports. It just shows "none". I don't know where to go from here. HELP! Windows 7 Brian
  6. C9 spacing / Pixel RGB LED Rectangle Module

    Honestly, since we are not mind readers, we have no idea where you planned to use your purchases. You have permission to use them where ever you want or send them to me. :-)
  7. Arches

  8. LOR800WG3 as Main Control Unit

    You would need the LOR software to do much of anything.
  9. Workman's Wild Wires 2016 - Special Effects!

    Freaking awesome!!!
  10. Has anyone sequenced Barney - I love You

    OH GOD WHY???? Just why?? lol
  11. One of our members has his own TV show !

    Looks hilarious!
  12. Incans

    There is no such thing as a good used blue incandescent. They are usually crap after one season
  13. Anyone sharing Spiraling "Do you Hear What I Hear"

    PM me your email. Never mind. I see it.
  14. Lightorama contest

    It has been as late as November.
  15. Sequences

    Thank you.