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  1. GoofyGuy wrote: DING DING DING! We have a winner, tell him what he's won Johnny!
  2. I try to vary it up with songs that I like with christmas songs - but for Xmas songs I like: Jingle bell rock : any artist except Billy idol Little saint nick : beach boys Santa Claus is ska-ing to town : the Granville Williams orchestra
  3. If it makes you feel any better I had some drunky side swipe my lariat the other night coming home from the venue and then take off. But the ford only suffered minor paint transfer which im pretty sure I can rub out...
  4. I have about 10x 16 channel sequences if youd like them...
  5. Is this a presale price, or is this something that will be available all year? The less stuff I need to build/buy this early in the season the better!!
  6. What gauge is the wire? Would this be similar to the indoor extension cords with no ground, or the heavy duty outdoor extenstions (3 prong)? I spent way too much money this year buying extra outdoor extension cords from lowes(lifes) and wally world...
  7. @TJ - Two things: I love the snowflakes on the trees - and PLEASE give that yard some TLC once your display is dismantled!!!
  8. These are used for making your own extension cords correct?
  9. TJ Hvasta wrote: Can you take pictures of both? Im looking to start building my mini trees because i have a lot of free time in the next week, but would like to find the best way to do it. I really like Don's version. Seems very simple and looks pretty good. How many lights do you guys use on your mini trees? Ill be doing the classic RGBW if it takes 50 feet of garland im expecting at least 2x that of light per color...
  10. Just went out looking for garland... found about 40 units of 50' garland. Regular priced $8 a piece. I got them 75% off + a 10% discount... so i 2000 ft of garland for less than $100. Get ready for a army of mini trees!! They had boxes of artificial 12" mini wreaths for .60 cents after discount, i think im going to go back tomorrow and clear them out. Not sure what ill do with them yet but the price is too cheap to pass up
  11. They all come from china - so what makes CDI or MITS so special? I've got LEDs I bought from walmart 3-4 years ago that still work great that i payed $5 for ... Personally I'm just a cheap ass and love my incans I pay $1-2 a box for. I'd love to run all LED but at $6-15 a strands it's not worth it to me... but I'm looking at buying straight from the manufacturers in huge quantity and opening up my own retail store from nov-dec... The lights I've seen look identical to others and they even have some cool [Foul Language Used] I've never seen before (like color strands of fiber optic LEDs that are EXTREMELY bright and look amazing!!) I'll keep you guys updated
  12. I Too am curious about why the LED strands are so expensive. I got in contact with about a dozen manufacturers in china who are willing to sell me identical LED strands for $2-5 USD a strand given I purchase at least 100 strands...
  13. Nurples wrote: If you are talking about the 'Quick fix trigger', it can also ruin LOR controllers. So if you use the 'Quick fix trigger' then disconnect the light from the controller first. I use one of these and it has saved me tons of time... I've only had one strand of icicle it hasn't been able to fix. I've always used mine with the channel on 100% and use the trigger with no effects on the controller. Maybe I've been lucky. I can certainly see how it might be bad for the controller. So I picked one up and I can't find a bad bulb but I found a section of wire that doesn't beep. How can I fix it? I have the lights in a display and it's been working last couple days and I went to check out the display last night and half the strand isn't lighting up (it's one of those 100 light Incan strands) any ideas on how to fix?
  14. De Trommelslager wrote: I actually saw a box if those for sale at lowes but I thought it was just for removing/replacing bulbs I'll pick one up tomorrow and try it out. Thanks!
  15. I had half a strand go out on one of my structures and I'm trying to figure whats the best way to fix my Incan sign. Do they still make buzz boxes? Will it help me even if no bulb is broken?
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