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  1. Mark, how do you protect these from the elements? I'm trying to figure that piece out. Thanks. Paul
  2. Does anyone have the documentation for the flood lights? I ordered 2 but the documentation was not included. Trying to figure out how to hook these up. Thanks. Paul
  3. Have you figured this out yet? I'm experiencing the same thing.
  4. Try hardware flow control via Device Manager. Select the USB serial port device and set error checking to hardware.
  5. Looks like you are on to something. I connected the CCB controller directly to my PC, switched the single string to the other connector, and everything lit up. Now I just have to wait for the other controller I ordered to show up to test on that. That's great info. Thanks. Paul
  6. I'm using only 50 bulbs on one controller. Should I have both strings attached to the controller?
  7. Ok, being new to setting up the CCBs, I can't get them to be controlled by the Hardware Utility. I have one set of bulbs connected via ethernet to a 1602W controller. The unit ID has been reset to #4. The 1602W communicates wirelessly to my PC. I have also tried a direct connection as well. I can get the Hardware Utility to see the CCB string. It reports 3 units, however. It seems to be holding an old unit ID I originally installed (#5). I have configured the string with the following settings: Unit ID Mode - Normal Channel Mode - Triple Standalone Speed - 8 Ribbon Parameters - 50 pixels Number of End to end strings - 1 First pixel is status indicator - checked DMX Mode - Macro and RGB When I fire up the console to run the test, I have it setup with the following: Standard Controller Extended Circuits checked off I bring channel 151 up to 1. I go back to channel 1 and bring that up but the string doesn't light up. I know the string is good because the 1st light will blink green when I first plug it in. I noticed that channel 7 gets set to 1 after I set channel 151 to 1. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for the help. Paul
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