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  1. The firmware updates went well, everything is now running the latest version except... on the lor16 "CTB16D" blue. It's noted that if you're on version 4.40 or higher you cannot go back, so I opted to first upgrade from 4.01 to 4.30 to be safe, if something went bad, I could at least go back to one of many different versions between 4.01 & 4.30. Once the 4.30 upgrade completed, I did a refresh and then tried to upgrade to 4.40 and it was not happening so I left it at 4.30. Of course that's the only box that won't play during a sequence now, glorious! It's the com3 regular network, so I suppose it could still be a network issue. This box runs half our regular led lights. It's showing fine in HU. I finally got the two songs I had already sequenced to play, all.. wait no.... most of the pixels played (a ribbon controller that's refusing to power up now so I've just rerouted) the regular led tree and house trim on the other lor16 played. They played fine multiple times, except the lor16 blue box I mentioned first, I could not get it to fire at all in a sequence. Eventually when playing either song, the rest of the lights stop responding, with the exception of one Pixie16 tree, nothing has changed in HU or NP or in the sequence. Does that sound like a cabling issue? I do think it sound like a network issue, information isn't getting where it needs to go. I'm not running my setup very far at all to think I need special terminators, the longest single run of cable is about 25' I'd say. Our son (IT kid) made all of our cables, and tested all the connections, but I did just find out that it's cat-6 rather than cat-5 but 6 is backwards compatible so it shouldn't be an issue. However with the way things always work over here, we probably need a dog-9 cable instead. XD
  2. I'm still here & I haven't hung husband by his beard yet. I had to take an unexpected quick trip out of town, and can you believe he didn't even have all the lights fixed when I got back. I'm heading out to start firmware updates now which I hope goes smoothly, but also nothing does around here so I'll leave my rose colored glasses for the next time I ask if these pants make me look fat. As far as I can tell it's pretty straight forward. Download the latest version for each piece of hardware/controller. Terminate a single controller (connect 1 controller to the computer) Follow the dialog in the firmware tab of the HU to upload new firware. Careful not to interrupt the update/connection Tada Am I oversimplifying this? Edit: Are incremental updates required? If existing version is 4.01 and current is 4.35 can I jump straight to 4.35 or do I have to run through all versioning?
  3. Oh that's good to know anyhow. What about ribbons, do they behave differently in HU? We have 2 different kinds; Cosmic Color Controller 2 and CCR Smart Strip.
  4. For clarity, I don't have a PixCon, we have 2 "Pixie16 Smart Pixel Controllers".
  5. I'm unsure what you're asking/saying? If it's to check the firmware version, yes I can confirm all are out of date, some more critically than others. I'll work through updates and see where we land.
  6. I had a ticket open earlier just to get to this point and asked specifically about firmware updates. I suspected updates would be necessary, but support said NO. I have concerns that could be part of the problem but I certainly don't want to break anything. But I may very well take you up on your offer, I generally return favors in food offerings, coffee or alcohol, but pacific time tells me that could be a problem. haha
  7. My brain looks a lot like oatmeal right now, but I think I set com3 to enhanced last year actually. We added a single pixie16 along with our regular lor16 controllers in 2017 and that's when we swapped out the old adaptor (RJ45) for the faster black usb and I believe that's when the com3 setting was changed. Should I uncheck it on com3?
  8. Hi Richard, Yes, I've clicked and specified Enhanced on each Network. (side note: I've toggled the speed of the Regular network from 57 to 115 without any noticeable change). I can get each controller to respond through the HU, when connected independently. Though when I connect all pieces back together, the HU doesn't recognize all controllers. I know I've read on the forum that the HU is really only for testing each unit and giving unit #'s, so I'm not sure if I should give much weight to the HU not acknowledging all controllers or not. We just installed new gutters in the spring, but I think the live oak tree could use some decoration.
  9. I would've added a more specific title but this mess just keeps growing instead of getting smaller. We've been using LOR for probably 10 years, def not newbies, but it certainly feels that way. I'm the Mrs. in this situation and generally the tech expert. Every year he adds more lights, and I get to learn something new, the last couple years it's been RGB lights. Pixies and Ribbons. I have no idea what I'm doing so naturally let's throw some more money at it. Upgraded to S5 Pro, Superstar etc. Discovered a couple of days ago that the reason our show wasn't working is we have waaaaaayyy (technical term) too many lights on one network and the Black adapter we bought last year to make the Pixel tree work was not sufficient, we need 2 more adapters, the fast Red ones and we need 3 to divide our lights up between 3 networks. I have 2 Red adapters, 1 Black. I put all the analog (LED) lights on the Black, which are 2 LOR16 controllers, it's network settings are Comm3-Regular-115. Then one of the Red has 1 Pixie16 and 2 CCR (ribbons) w/one controller, the 2nd Red adapter has 1 Pixie16, and 4 CCR(ribbons) w/two controllers. Network settings for those are Aux A/Aux B-500k-ELOR I've updated my sequence info to reflect the added networks. But my show still won't work, one Pixel tree works and that's it, which is bizarre. Is there a step by step for exactly what I need to do for multiple networks? I feel like I may have missed steps in HU but I can't find anything to back that up. If I need to run auto configure for the Aux A and Aux B, how do I do that? I'm convinced the network issues are the root of my show problems. Please help!
  10. I will check out the other versions however!
  11. Max, It does have some intended distortion and yes it's intense! My husband is set on using that song, & won't waiver, personally I've got no ties to it. Guess I'll keep fiddling with it. I contacted the Holdman guy that uses it and he didn't have any trouble with it. I must've done something wrong in the universe I guess. Cody
  12. I'm going to take up drinking, that is obviously the solution! Still no luck so far today. Ran high pass filter, & then tried low pass, the low pass actually helped more, so I guess the treble is more intense than the bass. But still distorted. My version of Audacity (Mac version) doesn't have the leveller option. So I tried the Amplify (changes the volume of the selected audio) and then tried Compressor (compresses the dynamic range of the selection so that the loud parts are softer while keeping the volume of the soft parts the same) Neither did the trick. Since I'm not too familiar with audacity it's a bit trial and error for me, so I've done a million different things and the only thing that has made a bit of difference is the low pass filter, but like I said it is still distorted but it's slightly improved. The audio doesn't sound louder than the other songs I'm using or have used in the past, or if it is, it's a minor difference. I'm so confused that when I manually turn down the volume when its running through the transmitter that the distortion doesn't improve at all. I just keep thinking that if its the track volume it would improve. I'm so confused :? ! Cody
  13. You can hear the full amazing grace song on the Holdman Christmas site. Go to the videos page.
  14. The troublesome song is Amazing Grace remix. You can hear a portion of it on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0011GQVY6/ref=docs-os-doi_0 We are also using Wizards of Winter but dont have any trouble at all with it. Amazing Grace def. has some intense sound with deep bass & i can see how it can cause some issue. I cant get any portion of amazing grace to play cleanly, but it could be that the majority of the song has deep bass. I'll work on it some more tomorrow with all your tips and see if it gets better. Fingers crossed! Cody
  15. Thanks for the tip Max-Paul. I'm away from my set up until tomorrow, but i will check the volume as soon as i return. Excuse the 'blonde' moment but you mean for me to audibly determine if the volume of the loudest point in the song is louder than the other songs? Meaning to judge the volume with my naked ear? (that sounds like an insanely stupid question) or is there a tool within the media player I should be using? Thanks again.........especially for your patience! :? Cody
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