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  1. Bob, first thanks for making the software available! Great time saving stuff. I am trying to get my mind around using Papagayo and the "How To" video will only play about 3 minutes for me and then closes (not sure why). In doing my best to figure it (PG) out, I am getting an error on the Papagayo to LOR Translator; when opened it states "Unable to find ini file - The INI can not be written to mouth folder. This program must close." I feel certain it is something I am missing, I'm just not finding or understanding it. I have tried opening the translator from the program folder (PapagayoMOD) and from the desktop, both with the same error message. Thanks again!
  2. He's doing the "new math". And after the shock on the tongue it probably looks like 320!! According to my trusty abacus, it is only a mere 280 lights.
  3. Not only does the Visualizer show you a representation of your sequence, but it is also a great tool to find those random flashes of light that (I) manage to get added when accidentally clicking a cell with a "loaded" effect. The Visualizer is used a great deal when I am sequencing. Well worth the time to learn and set up IMHO. Oh, and +1 on the picture!
  4. Bad advice. Very bad advice!! "Get off the GFCI plug. It will only give you headaches." Would you rather have a headache with finding a fault, or the headache of a dead person on your lawn? GFCI protection is required by National Electric Code on outdoor receptacles for a reason. A circuit breaker protects from overcurrent conditions - fires. A GFCI device protects from electric shock/electrocution - death. If you need explanation, just let me/us know.
  5. The Entec devices are what you would need to get S3 speaking to your DMX controllers. The Pro version will take some load off of your computer. S3 will have to be set up to run the DMX stuff (yes, advanced), but that isn't hard to do. My advice for you is to hop on the DMX board and start reading through the threads that are relevant to your application. Holiday Coro also has a lot of info on their site to help get you up to speed. There are other options for integrating DMX, and I am in the process now of trying to figure out what direction I want to go. I will be adding some Holiday Coro elements to my 2013 display, but a pixel conversion is looking very tempting to me and that could have some impact on how I decide to set the system up. Hopefully that helps! At least a little...
  6. Although I am not positive, I am thinking that the sequence will stop and the next sequence will load/begin once the audio file reaches the end regardless of any sequence time remaining.
  7. Why are you sad? Be happy! You survived the season, learned a little and now it is time to start planning for next year. It's a milestone, not something to be sad about.
  8. I'm running 3.9.0 on my laptop and noticed the same thing. A second refresh found the missing controllers.
  9. As for weatherproofing, the usual tips apply. Connections off the ground, avoid metal to ground contact on frames, keep cord out of pooling water, etc. Fault currents are collective, so if you have multiple current leaks on a GFCI device they accumulate until it gets to the trip level. Fewer channels per GFCI is a method of minimizing this as well as helping isolate issues when you do have them. As far as GFCI devices themselves, I have found sensitive devices in all brands and ratings that I have used. I am using Pass & Seymor devices for my display and haven't had issues this year. One trip all season is the score right now. Once they have cycled multiple times they do seem to be more prone to tripping, though. I would recommend buying the higher quality devices (commercial grade) over the builder's quality stuff, but you are also talking more money at the register. In my experience they hold up much better over time. YMMV
  10. Dan, thank you very much. As I stated before, anything I can do to help out I am more than glad to do. My laptop has been left with the same configuration for that purpose. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  11. Thanks Mike. I will watch the laptop closely and see if the issue continues. If it does, it will get reformatted in the form of a new machine. In my line work, computer issues like this can cost me a lot more in losses than the machine is worth. It will find a new life as a game computer for my son if there is anything strange happening. As far as the show PC, the bug was present before on the laptop and would require the reboot periodically, hence the upgrade on the laptop and the adventure afterwards. Part of my daily routine will be rebooting the PC to keep it stable. Once show season is behind me I will update it as well and will do my testing to make sure all is tip top. No offense, but I know of the 3.8 bug and the work around; this late in the game and without a stable backup machine, the potential of another set of issues to find a solution for is something I have neither the time or patience for. I'll run 3.8 for the remainder. Have a Merry Christmas!
  12. Are you sure the controllers are addressed properly? Double check. If no joy, you probably should look at the jacks real close and make sure the pins aren't bent or stuck. It may be as simple as that. I would also rule out cables by swapping them or replacing them with another. Crunch time: Take one of the bad controllers and put it at the end of the line. Don't forget address. That will get you past one. If you get the other figured out you are golden. The hardware utility is what you will use to find the controllers and test functionality. As far as using the phone jack I am out on that one without doing some study.
  13. Smooth show on the PC tonight. Nice change from the past several day's worth of power issues!! It is running 3.8.0 and will for the remainder. Since there appears to be other issues with the newest release I am going to hold tight until after show season ends.
  14. There's not a hobby out there that is "cheap". Went to play a round of golf (okay, I hit balls into the tall grass) with a friend last month and for what a round for both of us cost at that course I could have had a controller. And been much happier! Somebody above mentioned the kids amazement at these shows... All of the work, expense and effort is so worth it when you see a little one's face light up with excitement. Run while you still can!!!!!!!!!! Just kiding. Welcome to the maddness!
  15. You will be able to run the higher voltage easier than the lower voltage and on a smaller wire. This is why the power company runs high voltage transmission lines everywhere and then steps the voltage down to "consumer levels". It would be more expensive since you can't the same numbers of channels for the same cost, but the LOR controller may be worth a look. They are $100 and have 16 channels of control (4A per ch I believe). It would yield five RGB channels with one spare left. You need to calculate the expected loads and determine what would be the most economical option for your installation. CAT5 cable should be fine unless you are pulling lots of amps. Many options there. Just search out some connectors that you think would be suitable for the application. If it were me I would use Amphenol connectors, but that may be more cost than you wish to incur. Weather is something to be thinking about, so keep that in mind as you search. Don't forget about storage space as well. You are on the right path. I am interested to see the finished product blinking, so keep us informed!
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