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  1. Diddo! I am very anxious to see how it all pans out!
  2. As a newbie this year, I have to pipe in also. THIS IS AN ADDICTION LIKE GOLF! All I want to do is sequence, design, sequence, design.... Everyone above is right, what ever you start with, it will only explode into more. I started this year with 32 channels and am pretty impressed with what I could do. Will be adding more features to the show next year: mega tree, multiple dancing arches, more sections of flashing lights to give more movement. Check out a few of my shows I made for new years on the links below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJGeR6VTBBk&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv6z6TBxcfE&feature=related
  3. I am a first year sequencer myself. I am HOOKED! I spent all last winter, spring, and summer prepairing for this years display. I am even preparing now for next years! My advice...download the free demo version of the software and begin playing around with it. Once you start getting the hang of the options of the program, the creativity gets fun. There are a lot of free sequences out there that you can down load and see how they were made. That is what I did. From there, I was able to create some of my own that are pretty cool. I started with 32 channels. This is a good range to start in to be able to really vary the different patterns you want your lights to move in. Another cool feature with the sofware is that you can download a pic of your house and then begin designing where you want your different channel of lights to go. You can then begin telling the computer which channels run which sets of lights. Then, import your song and begin sequencing your light movements to the music. Goodluck!
  4. As a homeowner, is it necessary to use all commercial Showtime controllers? As a newbyie this year, I started with with 2 of the Showtime 1602 controllers. As I add more, will the residential controllers be enough? Running all LED's, at 7500 lights now, adding a 14' mega tree and more arches next year. Just trying to save a little money on not having to purchase the commercial Showtime controllers. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thanks for all the input everyone. I do agree with everyone that Ramsey and the other brands of transmitters are the MUCH better way to go and I will move in that direction. My WHT is working like a champion for my situation as a first year light show sequencer. The previous story regarding the girl and the loud music is awsome! Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. open the battery compartment, remove the white, usually QC sticker, you'll find a a slide switch - slide it to the other side (I read this from another thread in this forum) I am a first year rookie at this and also purchased a Whole House Transmitter. Couldn't get the darn thing to transmit and was ready to send it back. Until I ran across some threads discussing the topic noted above. I peeled the sticker away in the battery compartment, slide the little white switch, and BAM! I now have great transmission. I wish I new what that white switch did. It is not noted anywhere in the instructions. It only transmitts maybe a block, but that is all I need being in a cul-d-sac. Will eventually move to a better transmitter for a much better sound quality. I'm happy now though! These forums are great. Thanks guys!
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