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  1. Yeah, kinda surprised me too! Reliability would be greatly enhanced by soldering directly to the PCB. Might have to make some mods on the housing, but for the sake of reliability and LOR's reputation, I think it would be worth the cost. Of course, that's my opinion... Curtis
  2. Well, FINALLY got enough free time AND some clear space on my workbench to check out the kit board. Plugged everything up and hit the hardware utility. Everything is recognized! Plugged in single light bulb adapters and loaded up a small show to check it out. I've got winkin',blinkin' lights. Heck, even the wife was impressed. Now since I missed the Christmas season, I think I'll work on a 4th of July show. Planning on an indoor display where I work (Amarillo Military Entrance Processing Station). Seems only appropriate. I appreciate everyone's input, suggestions, and support while I was pulling hair out in great chunks! Curtis
  3. And finally, This picture shows what I've done as a stop-gap to reduce the possibility of a repeat, a little bit of electrical tape interlaced between the wiring. Considered using silicone gel or wrapping the plug, but the spacing is pretty tight in there. Anyway, I should be getting a new adapter in tomorrow. I may check it for the same problem and if it's of the same ilk, will consider a more permanent fix like soldering on a different RJ-45 plug which I picked up from a local electronics store this past weekend. Curtis Attached files
  4. This second picture shows what I encountered when I opened mine up. Even though the adapter only uses 3 connectors, all three of those were crossed and shorting out. Attached files
  5. Okay, sorry about the delay in getting the pictures posted. Office Christmas party... Anyway, I'm posting 3 pictures showing the issue. The first picture shows what the adapter looks like "naked", ie without the shell. Notice how the wires are sitting loose? Looks like the forum will allow only 1 attachment at a time, so will have to break this into 3 posts. Curtis Attached files
  6. Haven't tested the DIY board yet. May do that tonight and then again, may put that off until after Christmas... Anyway, heard back from LOR and they're sending a new USB485 adapter via 2nd day UPS! That's what I call service. I'm also going to take some pictures and send them to LOR so they'll better understand what sort of problem I was having. If there is an interest, I can post the pictures here too. Curtis
  7. Well, I've submitted a ticket. Now I can either wait, or attempt to make this unit functional. I'll probably wait until Saturday then, if I haven't heard anything from LOR, I'll go out and get a replacement RJ-45 socket and do a swap out. Curious how the entire package can be shutdown by one little piece of plastic and metal. You'd think LOR would want to ensure it was quality throughout the whole system. Just my thoughts... Curtis
  8. Well, NUTS!! Of course it would be proprietary. Still, if that's a RJ-45 connector, guess I could cut off their piece of junk and solder a new on in place! After all, a connector is a connector is a connector! Just connecting the wires... Curtis -klb- wrote:
  9. Success!!!!! On a whim decided to check out the 485 adapter. WHAT A HUNK OF JUNK!!!!! If I had done that sort of work in the Navy, they'd keelhauled me. Heck, if I tried to pass something like that off in my Networking classes now I'd be failed! Straightened out the wires and put it all back together. Fired up HU again and plugged in the cat 5e cable and was rewarded with a light flash! Clicked on auto-configure and waited. IT FOUND THE BOARD!!! Looks like I'm back in business. Still, my question from my last post remains. Do I need to use LOR's USB adapter or can I go somewhere and buy a decent one? Do appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions. Curtis
  10. Well, there is no joy in Muddville or Amarillo tonight! Fired up the computer, checked the USB to serial port. Changed it from 6 to 3 just for s&g's. Had to reboot at that point. BTW, the port does go away when I unplug the USB cable and reappears wehn I plug it back in. Plugged everything in. Fired up HU directly. Clicked auto-configure and waited. Same result as before. Tried the manual route, and set COM port to 3 and unit ID to 01. Nothing. I even tried running a sample sequence in the present configuration. Looks pretty on the screen, but no lights flashing. Oh, did forget to mention I'm using 16 single light bulbs plugged in via plug in sockets for testing purposes. I'm seriously beginning to think the 485 adapter may be bad because the HU sees the port, but it doesn't get to the controller board and I've tried at least 2 known good cat 5e cables along with the green cable LOR sent me with the setup. Could I pick up another USB to RJ-45 from say the local Best Buy and utilize it? Or has LOR done something weird in the wiring??? Any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated as I am starting to get rather discouraged. I'm also starting to think that blinking LED is just taunting me! : ) Curtis
  11. DonFL wrote: Will try firing up HU directly this evening. Stand by for further developments... Perhaps more cussing...
  12. DonFL wrote: Been trying to reset the unit ID from the HU via the Control Panel. Will try firing up HU directly when I get home this evening.
  13. I used the correct drivers from the LOR disk. It's recognized in device manager with the FTDI driver. Already tried the manual/forced configuration. Nothing happens. Even went through all the serial ports with no luck. I am using ONLY the 3g board at this point. Figure if I can get it working, the other SHOULD be a piece of cake. Curtis
  14. Okay, first I ordered a DIY controller and spent a couple of hours putting it together and everything SEEMED to go smoothly. Installed software and drivers and hooked everything up. Hardware utility sees the port, but doesn't see the controller. As it is getting VERY close to showtime, I panicked and ordered a gen 3 board already put together and tested. Got it in and set everything back up. SAME BLASTED THING!!! And that stupid power LED won't stop blinking!!!!! Cool down for a bit and decide to re-install my system OS, but back off of Vista Business and go to XP Pro that I have a spare license for. Re-install software and drivers. Check device manager and it sees the USB-serial port. No conflicts. Okay, so far so good. Shutdown and reboot, just to make sure. Start the LOR control panel and plug in the USB-serial adapter. System tray says it found the hardware and it's ready to go! Click the autodetect and pray the controller LED will stop blinking. NADA. SAME THING! Port is detected, but the controller isn't! Manually changed ports in device manager and rebooted. Again, port is detected, but controller IS NOT!! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE??? Checked and swapped ALL cables with known good with no change. Summary: 2 boards (1 DIY, 1 gen 3 non-DIY) serial port is detected by Hardware Utility controller board IS NOT detected. Oh, and manual configuration does nothing either. System config: Intel atom 1.67 GHz, mini-ITX running Windows XP with 4 Gb RAM. Curtis p.s. At least at this point, I'm feeling better about my soldering skills...
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