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  1. Yes, the hardware utility is used to set the unit ID
  2. as an example: I have 2 controllers I have been told that I can use phone cable to connect the 2 controllers (obviously cheaper). In looking at the boards, I see a phone cable jack for input only The only output jacks appear to be cat5 I haven’t tried this yet, but can you plug in a phone cable into a cat 5 jack as the documentation suggests Do I need an adapter? Jon
  3. I found my own problem the u2 microprocessor had a folded pin and was not all the way in
  4. (REVISED) I channels 9-16 work just fine, problem is with 1-8
  5. Just finished my kit, went into hardware utility, was able to find comm port when pressed Auto configure. Went through instructions on setting unit id and refresh did find the proper unit '01 - CTB16PC ver 4.02' i have channels 1,2,3,5 plugged into some lights, the rest are empty when I start testing i get odd and incorrect results. when i test the chase sequence, all lights go on. Under special effects, when i select on, they go off when i select off, they go on. Twinkle and shimmer seem to work, fade on/off does not work I also tried the console and had the same opposite effect, press button to turn all off, they go on, presss button to turn on, they all go off. I'm stuck. has anyone else seen the behavior? Jon
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