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  1. Hi All, I am looking for some cheap garland to cover my mini tree's with. I have found the following garland at Home Depot which seems like a decent price for the length, but didn't know if anyone had a better source for this "late" in the season. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replys. That's what I kind of suspected with the 5mm, not being very bright unless you are looking at the right angle. From what I have seen online and on youtube today, the M6's seem to be a safe bet to me. I was looking at the ones that CDI is offering right now durring there summer sale, does anyone have experience with the brightness of these compared to a normal set of incans? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone. I am starting this year to slowly convert over to LED's but I am not sure which style would be best for my application. Have people found better results with the 5mm or the M6 or do most of you typically go straight to the C6 style? Most of my lights end up on bushes or tree's, with C6's outling the house.
  4. Order #3‚Äč4154, so I guess that means #3 on the sale? Guess staying late at work to avoid traffic and not miss the sale was a good idea! Got the two controllers I was looking for!
  5. Hi Everyone! I wanted to thank everyone who posts all the helpful information on this forum. This was my first year doing a display and it would not have gone nearly as well without all the information that I found by reading the posts. I can say I am officially addicted and can't wait till next year! Tyler
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