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  1. Ok, finally worked it out. Both Fixtures and Props can have comments with Key words but in V4 you have a superstar button so you don't need to use Key words although it looks like they are still in the mix inside the comment section. A fair bit of guess work here but looks like it is sorted out. Thanks
  2. Thanks Saxon, It might be my lack of knowledge here in the SS application but when i bring in the Globe it is layed out above the tree in the grid. This looks to be to correct place as when setting up Morphs etc and controlling the different components of the tree. If it is placed to the right as per where it is atm when performing a morph it also includes the Star in the morph when setting one up on the tree. Having it above would seem to allow me to control each aspect of the Tree and star as different components. I did see the comment section in there but did not think that would have any impact to the location in SS as it was just comments and did spend any time looking at that. I will go and see if the comment section and the "KEY WORD's" you talk about is the key to sorting this out. Thanks for passing on your thoughts.
  3. Hi All I need some help... I have been spinning my wheels running through the samples with the installer and YouTube tutorials but not seeming to get any closer to the end goal. I have picked up 6 CCP controlers for the main tree which will run 24 strings by 25 pixels. I have also got an additional CCP controler to put a star at the top of the tree. In the Visualizer, i have based the main tree off the sample file "24x25Tree_4RowGlobe.lee" but as i dont have enough lights for the Globe construction i want to run two star Shapes. One at 20 Pixels (Inside Star) and one at 30 Pixels(Outside Star). I have removed the Globe and built a star shape using the "Draw Cosmic Colour Pixel" Icon. When i import the Visualization into the SuperStar Visualizer then the star always ends up on the right handside of the Tree. If you import the "24x25Tree_4RowGlobe.lee" file then it places the Globe above the tree. I have attached the File i am playing with. I am assuming i am missing a key option that makes this go to the top of the grid in the SuperStar Sequencer. Any ideas or direction to help me out so i can star getting on to building up a SuperStar Sequence? I am only new to this stuff so appologies if this is staring me in the face.... Image of the Visualizer with the Star location: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b06temlqnxpisur/Visualizer.jpg?dl=0 Thanks Steven CheneryTree.lee
  4. Hi Brian Thanks for your response. I can confirm that the steps above resolve the issue. Thanks Steven
  5. Hi Someone else might have also had this issue and looking for thoughts on what to check next to get this working... Just did a fresh install on a Win7 64bit PC of the S4 + SuperStar Sequencer add on. Installation was fine, Application licensed, applications open except for the "Light-O-Rama SuperStar Sequencer" application (File Version of the EXE is Mouse point changes for a couple of seconds and nothing appears. Event Log attached but is just indicating that the Application Crashed. I have never opened the application and this is a fresh install on this PC. Changed "C:\Program Files (x86)\Light-O-Rama" to have "Everyone" with full rights to take out permission issues. Unblocked the downloaded exe via properties and then installed. Installed as an admin, user is an admin Not sure what to do next, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Steven Report.pdf
  6. Ok, so what it looks like is the extension cable length is the culprit. Placing an additional load on the channel via a phantom/ghost load gets the channel to dim correctly. Still don't understand this concept just yet but now have something to work with... Thanks
  7. klb, Thanks for your thoughts. Yes all extension cords are grounded. I have searched high and low for an extension cord that is not grounded and have not found one. So I will keep looking for one so this can be tested. Yes i have a 3rd Gen controller and will increase the load to see if that changes the outcome. I’ll let you know shortly. Background to the actual setup: I have 6 identical tress with Red, Blue and Green LED's sitting on top of the brick fence pylons. The Blue and green are connected to a channel (6 trees x 2 colours =12 channels) and the red is connected to channel 13. Green is on channel 1,2,3,4,5,6.(Matches tree number) Red is on 7,8,9,10,11,12. Red is on channel 13 and on for all trees. Each tree (3 feet, 90 cm) has 220 LED's per channel for 1 colour. (660 LED’s per tress, 3 colours) As the Red is on one channel there are 1320 LED’s on channel 13. Tree 1. Tree 2 (Controller sits with tree 2), Tree 3 and Tree 4 all work for Blue and Green. Tree 5, 6 and Channel 13 (Red LEDs) with longer extension cables are the ones that have the issue with the dimming. Channel 14,15 and 16 are on the roof and are also affected but are not as noticeable as they are not in a group and are independent.
  8. I have done some more testing on this and it seems to be the length of the extension cable to the lights that affects the ability to have the dimming function work correctly. It seems that around 15 meters in length it fails to dim. Is this right? is this what others are seeing?
  9. Hi All New to LOR this year and have just finished setting up my controller and hooking it up to LED light strings. All channels have been set to use the dimming curve 1 that comes as a default and this works fine on channels 1,2,3,4,7,8,9 and 10. On channel 5,6,11,12,13,14,15,16 it looks like it is using the lor standard curve. If I change the dimming curve to be on/off for all the channels, they perform using this method and at 50% they turn on. So the channels in question are reading the curve ok When all channels set to the dimming curve 1 the ones that don't work as expected just turn on full straight away where the other channels will become brighter over the increase in intensity. All led strings are the same, same number of LEDs, same length. I am also using the latest software via a USB interface brought through lor. Does anyone have any idea as to where I should be lookingto fix this? Thanks Steven
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