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  1. Sometimes it's just a PC issue, restarted and everything is good. "I don't know" Thank you to TheDucks for your reply! Your awesome
  2. I have three CTB16PC controllers daisy link together and everything was working fine. later on went to test and these three and they don't work. I have connectivity green light solid and I believe the situation was the same, any how any list of things I should be looking at in hardware or software to help me resolve this issue.
  3. Thank you Matt, That did the trick. It put it on a second scroll bar. I believe it's not a good idea to have your pixel sequence (PE) effects to over write previous data in SE, with that playback in VI it seemed a little jerky in replay of sequence. VI played back was perfect before I watched the new copy made from PE I'm like the old dinosaur, I have just started using VI, so I'm getting aquainted with that. Thanks for your help
  4. Well I'm having the same problem and at this point this blog hasn't worked for me, darn. So I have opened a song from se in PE, loaded channel info, made prop, assigned same dmx channel info, generated affects then put into timminng,saved intensity data then saved as under default, (copy) then in SE I open it and , nothing, doing something wrong, help, thanks
  5. Just being able to do this show is a blessing! And not to mention that every morning I wake up!
  6. Wow Ron! That's cool. Love your guitar. Is that nutcracker in the sequence? If so how do you import to S.S. ? Five star thumbs up!
  7. Can't hear your own video you made, I know when push come to shove and I can't fiqure it out, I restart my computer and wahla!
  8. A newbie? It's great! I like the song as well! What state are you in? Not Nevada I hope! LOL
  9. olracs

    san device

    That's mud I can see through! LOL Thanks
  10. olracs

    san device

    Question Khawes, using E682 in LOR in network prefrences is the adapter set to none and protocol set to raw dmx? And the ethernet connection is P.C. to sandevices (no dongle) and if you were to connect more then one San Devices you could split the ethernet using the netgear 5 port 10/100 switch? I'm just over the hill from you, so to speak, Reno
  11. When working between S.S. and LOR 3 the main colors in S.S. seems to be more accurate then LOR 3. I would like to see S.S.pallete included in in LOR 3. so no matter which software you program in the colors are a match. I also would like to see included in the main color pallete would be warm white along with bright white, and a way you can save your own special pallette that is there and automatically updated to your choosing. Being that it changes everytime you open a new sequence. Any thoughts,or did I miss something, thats very possible.
  12. A question to through out on the Sandivices pixel one system with elor using the WS2811 strips from ray. What is the fastest network speed, is the 500k obtainable. If so, what steps? I have had trouble with some of the colors remaining on after the effect and goes away when another effect in the sequence starts. What i've done to fix that for example, I changed red to magenta, changed green to a lighter green and so on. It would be nice to use the main colors, which I wonder if the speed of data has anything to do with that?
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