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  1. I use Dropbox, but I assume they will be very comparable in this case. It's great editing a sequence on one computer and letting the service magically update the show computer.
  2. Hello! Thanks for the kind words! The main font is called JockeyOne and the only other font on the sign is in the logo, the font's name is Sacramento. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi all! So I've been developing this idea to create a "touch screen" GUI to make some repetitive tasks in LOR a little easier. I've looked into all kinds of automation programs, but my idea is too simple to justify buying any software. My idea is to create a custom wallpaper for my show computer, that has "buttons" to accomplish different tasks. For example: start/stop announcement MP3 that runs before and after shows, raise/lower PC volume, enable/disable LOR. After setting this static image as my wallpaper on the show computer, I'm dropping batch files in their respective "button" on the fake touch-screen interface. Check out my attachment if that didn't make sense. You will then be able to accomplish each task by clicking on the batch file in each "button." However, I'm stuck at how to make a batch file that will enable LOR and disable LOR. Eventually, I'd like to be able to cue specific songs by clicking their batch file, but for now, I'm okay with simply having buttons to enable and disable LOR. What do you all think? Has anyone done something like this before? I was inspired by the Crestron touch screens that we use at work, so I'm putting my skills to the test! Thanks in advance for any input! Note: "Muzak" is the term I've given to the announcement MP3 that runs before and after shows.
  4. I'd love a copy if you're willing to share. Fantastic job! trentschroede1@gmail.com Thank you!
  5. I would LOVE a copy of this sequence! Absolutely beautiful song. trent@trentschroeder.com
  6. If you use the promo code 20FallBanner you can save 20% on banners through November 9!
  7. Somehow I got the idea to design and order a 2ftx5ft banner from BuildaSign.com to replace my current Tune To sign. I designed the image in PowerPoint, exported it at 300DPI and sent it off to BuildaSign. From what I can tell, they are great people. I had to call them initially because my image twas too large for their web editor, but their salespeople are extremely helpful and polite. I received the banner exactly two weeks from the order date, and it looks great. Here's the best part: it was $20! (Free shipping too!) I don't expect it to last forever, but they vinyl material seems durable, and I opted for the plastic "grommets" over the traditional grommets. I'm not sure how I'm going to hang this thing when it gets closer, but I wanted to give readers some time to buy one if they are interested. I've attached a picture below. Let me know your thoughts
  8. Let's say you're quite affluent, and designing a beautiful new house for your family and dog in a safe suburb with great schools. You're completely in charge of the construction, and you can be sure it wall fall under budget no matter all the glitz and features you pack into your LOR mansion. What do you incorporate into the design of your new house to help create the best light show ever? First and most obviously, outlets. Outlets everywhere. However, instead of these outlets plugging into the normal power system, each one will be connected to a corresponding dongle hanging from the wall in my LOR office. So for every outlet on the outside of my house, there will be the male end of an extension cord dangling in my office waiting to be plugged into one of my LOR controllers. That way, instead of running cords from my controllers in the yard to my elements, I can just plug them into the nearest yard outlet that will eventually plug into a LOR controller on the inside of my house. I like the idea of having four "sprinkler system valve boxes" out in the yard, each with 8 outlets that will be on the LOR power system I just described. Plus, I'll need more outlets in the soffit of my roof, and on both sides of my house. More outlets will obviously be installed near and around the landscaping so those lights will have a short length to run before being plugged in. That brings me to my second point, my show office/workshop. I would like for this space to be separated from my garage. It will include enough room to store all the decorations, provide desk space for some light sequencing, HDTV displays, breaker boxes, and a urinal. This space will also include my controller bay that will connect to the dongles from the outdoor outlet system. It will be a geek's paradise. These are the main two ideas that I have in mind for my Light O Rama house. What ideas would you like?! Thanks for sharing! Trent
  9. Finally made the Behind the Scenes Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PyPXFZNQJ8 Thanks for watching!
  10. jlowe: Thanks! They are just regular (indoor) floodlights that I got on sale at Menard's! I have a video about them that I will post here later! And I have one 16 channel controller
  11. Hello everyone! I am a Junior in high school and 17 year old nerd! This is my first year using my Light O Rama which I got for Christmas last year. Let me know what you think! I did only have three songs but hopefully more next year! Trent
  12. I love the red, green, and white idea that Richard Holdman uses, and I'd like to be able to do that with some of my elements. I'd also like to use very little of the roof, if possible. I have a tall second story house and I'm not sure how willing my parents are to climb up there and hang lights, given I'm only 16! Here is the link to a pic of my house: http://tinypic.com/r/fxb792/5 This is my first year with LOR and I am loving it. I have a 16 channel controller that I got for this past Xmas. I purchased approximately 20 boxes of C7 bulbs this season, and would love to use them on the two taller bushes by the left window. I also have 2 5' trees and 1 6' tree that are all pre-lit with white. I have a small budget, so I'd love to keep the display condensed to avoid too much extension cord usage. Thanks for any input you guys have, and I trust you all very much! Thanks, Trent
  13. I use 2 computers in my show, my computer that i use to sequence and the old icky show computer. They are both connected to the internet, which led me to a brilliant idea: Why not use an online file storage product so there is only 1 file, shared between 2 computers? So, I set it up and it works flawlessly. There are many perks to doing this: All your sequences and audio are backed up and are stored online When you update a sequence on one PC, the other updates also Dropbox is an amazing product and best of all, it's free! If you do a show that is not at your house, you can update sequences without bring there I highly recommend this, as it saves me much time and stress! Go to dropbox.com, download the software and create an account. When you install LOR, put the files in your dropbox instead of My Documents. If LOR os already installed, then copy and paste all your seauencez and audio into your dropbox, and then click "Edit" and "Media", choose the new location of the file (Dbox), test, and enjoy! Every time you save, the sequence is updated! Thought I would share the helpful tip! PM me with questions!
  14. Just curious how you all use your LOR controllers when not in a Christmas display. Any cool projects your working on?
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