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    Two cool things

    I see there are at least two more Arkies doing light shows. Wonder how many more there are? I know of one more here in NE Arkansas and two in Jacksonville.
  2. Yes, That fixed the problem. Moved everything, plugged it in, and now its working fine.
  3. Bob, Upon further investigation I think it is a problem with the ac adapter for my laptop. I am in the process of moving everything to a different part of the house. I'am almost certain it has to do with the circuit I'm plugging it into. If the computer (laptop) is running on battery power, I have no problems. As soon as I plug it into the ac adapter I start to get these ghost signals. Lights come on at the wrong time, lights stay on, wrong lights come, etc. I will know more tonight after it gets dark enough to see the lights in question. As far as the transmitter goes I'm using a Ramsey FM 25B.

    Show stutters

    I have the same problem. Its on a slower song. I also upgraded to the latest version of LOR.
  5. OK so I converted everything to .wav and saved it as new sequence. Tried it and still had problems. MOVED my FM trans. everything seems to be working fine. I'm calling it all just f.m.!! Freaking magic!! Thanks for all the help. You are great. Enjoy the lighting season. Thanks, Shawn
  6. I would have to reprogram everything right? If I changed to wav.
  7. All files are MP3. Some songs are more messed up than others. I didnt have a problem with time while programming. It all started when I moved everything to the schedule editor.
  8. It showed nothing. Just channels off, where they should be.
  9. Tried everything from rebooting computer to resetting units. Still no luck. Thanks .
  10. Programmed songs and everything is fine. Ran show one song at a time everything was fine. Moved songs to show builder and now I have lights coming on at wrong time and lights act like they are hung up. Help
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