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  1. We have a Ramsey FM30B (our 3rd one - the first was a kit we couldn't figure out, the 2nd defective -- and this one too??). PROBLEM: No matter what frequency transmitter is set to, it only plays on 102.3 on the radio. Last night it was plenty loud. Now, you can't hear it, and has loads of static. Tried resetting transmitter umpteen times. Nothing seems to work. Ideas? Show is supposed to start Monday night! HELP!!!!
  2. txstgeorge

    Ramsey Unit

    Sorry, should have mentioned it! It's a Ramsey FM30B transmitter. We're just trying to get our 1st display up and running -- only 16 channels... St.George
  3. txstgeorge

    Ramsey Unit

    First off, the output frequency of 87.9 (or any other) comes out on the radio at 102.3! It was clear as a bell during the first test. Now it is terribly distorted. Ideas? What could have happened? I'm a newbie with not a lot of electrical experience, so this part is new to me. Just trying to make the wife happy for "her" display to benefit the local food pantry. I have 3 more days to get it working. HELP!!!
  4. Can I run just "normal" MP3's, or do I have to make them work with the controller? I'm wanting to totally bypass the controller -- just hook the transmitter to my computer and run the songs... is this possible??? M
  5. We flat have run out of time to get the light show going for this year -- but we'd like to at least offer music as people look at our static displays. We have the FM transmitter, and the MP3's ready to work with the light show -- can and how do we use them without the lights?? Thanks!
  6. I know there was a recent post on where to find the radio frequencies that are available to us in my area, but I can't locate that post. Can someone lead me to the correct site? Also, I read on one site that you had to fill out all sorts of applications and stuff to be able to broadcast -- is that correct??? Thanks for any help!
  7. I am using the "Wizards in Winter" TSO light sequence, and have followed the instructions for ripping the music to the proper MP3 to work with LOR -- now I can't figure out how to combine the two. I'm sure it's perfectly simple, but I can't see it in the instructions, and being the computer geek I am, I can't figure it out -- AND TIME IS ALMOST UP!!! HELPPP!!!! Please?
  8. Is there such a thing as a transmitter that works with a HAM setup? My husband is a HAM radio geek (I guess I should ask him, but he is always SOOO technical - and this is "my baby" - so to speak) so I wondered if we might already have equipment we could use and don't know it. Dumb question, right? Txstgeorge 1st year to try this!
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