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  1. You are invited to one of the top Holiday Lighting symposiums in the Midwestern United States. Light Up Ohio 2019 is coming to beautiful Westerville, Ohio on May 10th & 11th. Don't miss this opportunity to meet up with Lighting Enthusiasts from all over the country. This event is filling up fast, and when our seating capacity is filled, this opportunity will be gone. Get your Registration in now for the time of your lives!!!! https://luo2019.ticketbud.com/2019
  2. Have you ever looked at a prop in somebody's Holiday Display, and just wondered to yourself “how did they do that”? Talking Faces is one of those props! Light Up Ohio is fortunate enough to have Joel Dearing at our event, to show you exactly how you can create this amazing effect, in your own personal display. I'm talking Singing Bulbs, Singing Trees, Singing Pumpkins, and even just a Face on the side of your house. Don't miss out on this one of a kind presentation. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!! https://luo2019.ticketbud.com/2019
  3. We not only bring together some of the best Decorators in the country, we also offer quality Education supplied by some of the best instructors in the country. Whether you are just beginning to learn about Holiday Lighting, or you are a Pro, we will have something for you at Light Up Ohio 2019. We kick off the Event on Friday May 10th with a “FREE” afternoon of learning some of Xlights New Features, hosted by Clyde Lindsey and Robert Vanorsdale. Then on Saturday, we will have a very busy and fun day. Starting with Tom Hammond showing us all how to set up and run our very own Projection Holiday Display. Next up will be Dan Blickensderfer giving us Tips and Tricks on making our own P10 panel sign, and show us how to take this to the next level. In the afternoon we will hear from David Jones and he will be showing us How to Use FM Transmitters in our displays, and then touch upon some 3D printing tips. After that Clyde Lindsey will be showing us some basics of Networking your display. If all of that isn't enough, Scot Meyers will be there with his “Hacked” Gemmy Dancing Santa, and has volunteered to show anybody interested how to do it. Tickets are selling fast, and we have a capacity limit, so when they are gone they are gone. Check us out at: https://luo2019.ticketbud.com/2019
  4. Give a Holiday Decorator enough money and he could possibly win The Great American Light Fight, but give a Holiday Decorator enough DIY knowledge, and he/she will go on to share that knowledge and bring JOY to people for the rest of his/her life. That's what we try to do at Light Up Ohio. We share priceless DIY knowledge to our attendees and put them in touch with some of the “Top Vendors” in the world. We bring in some of the top Holiday Decorators in the country to show you how to take your Holiday Display to the next level. On Friday May 10th we will be having a unique 4-5 hour “Free” symposium, where you can spend one-on-one time with two of the top Holiday decorators in the country, Clyde Lindsey and Robert Vanorsdale. On Saturday May 11th you can spend the day having fun and learning from talented Holiday Decorators such as David Jones, Dan Blickensderfer, Tom Hammond, and Clyde Lindsey. Hope to see you there!!!!! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! https://luo2019.ticketbud.com/2019
  5. Light Up Ohio 2019 is right around the corner! On May 10-11, in beautiful Westerville, Ohio, you will have the opportunity to attend one of the most popular events of the year. Join us for the fun, and to learn tips and tricks on how to take your Holiday display to that next level of excitement. We are dedicated to helping beginners, as well as professionals, the skills you need to “Make Memories” for others. There will be lots of sharing ideas, education, fun, food, door prizes and priceless one on one knowledge that can't be found at larger events. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! https://luo2019.ticketbud.com/2019
  7. When you are dealing with Holiday Lighting, one of the main problems is getting More Power to your props. Whether it be "Power Injection" or "Power Boosting", come to Light Up Ohio 2018, and let Dan Blickensderfer show you how to solve all of your power problems. Dan will be there to answer all of your questions, and to help you bring your display to that next level of excellence. "ONLY 15 DAYS LEFT"!! http://luo2018.whindo.com/event/default.aspx
  8. Light Up Ohio 2018 is happy to announce a Holiday Lighting Symposium will be held on Friday May11th, from 12noon-4pm, at the Worthington Northwest Library. This will be an open type discussion addressing all facets of Holiday decorating and lighting. Robert Vanorsdale and Clyde Lindsey, from Pixel Pro Displays, will be your moderators. They will talk about the Tricks of the Trade, Xlights Tips, LOR, Prop selection/placement, and other techniques to make your display the best it can be. Also, they will open up the discussion to answer all of your questions about your own display. Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to get all of your questions answered, and to share with other Lighting Enthusiasts, in a one on one relaxed atmosphere. You must be registered for the Saturday Main Event to attend. Details will be on the site soon!! http://luo2018.whindo.com/event/default.aspx
  9. I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save a few bucks when I set up my Christmas Display. That is where the expertise of David Jones comes in. David will be at Light Up Ohio 2018, showing us all how to save money. David will show us a lot of the "New", cost effective technology, and teach us how to use it. Just imagine, a Wireless Pixel Controller for just a few dollars, instead of hundreds. This is just one of the many pieces of hardware you can get to control your lights, and run your whole display. Come to Light Up Ohio 2018, and let David show you tips and tricks, and where to buy low cost Hardware to make your display the best that it can be, and not break the bank. Join us at Light Up Ohio 2018, REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW! http://luo2018.whindo.com/event/default.aspx
  10. Do you dream about building your very own Pixel Tree for the coming season, but just don't have any idea how to go about it? Then you are in luck!!!! Come to Light Up Ohio 2018 on May 12th, and let Tom Hammond explain to you how to accomplish your dream. Tom will go over every aspect of the Pixel Tree build from start to finish, in simple terms that we can all understand. He will cover things like how big of tree you will need for your space, type of pixels to use, where to buy different parts, best structural support for ease of setting up/tearing down, and will give you lots of tips and shortcuts to make the job seem effortless. Come and JOIN US at Light Up Ohio 2018 in beautiful Westerville, Ohio and spend an educational and fun filled day. No need to worry if you are not from Ohio, we have attendees from all over the Country in attendance. Registration and more information at: http://luo2018.whindo.com/event/default.aspx?lock=2443480-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0&key=a02374cd0ef4e13
  11. LIGHT-UP OHIO 2018 is COMING!!!! This is a two-day event dedicated to educating and sharing ideas to fellow decorators. If you are interested in Holiday Lighting, this is the event for you. We will have presentations directed to every skill level, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. Meet up with like minded decorators from all over the Country. Maybe you would like to learn how to Animate Wireframes in your display. Or would enjoy talking to others who are interested in Inflatable's. Maybe you want to go all out with a Radio Synced Light Display, or a Complete Animated Extravaganza. Or maybe you just want to hook up with people who love to collect and display Blowmolds. Regardless of your interests, bring your dreams and ideas to Light Up Ohio 2018. We will help you develop them into something you can be proud of, and create wonderful memories for all who see your display. Our Sponsoring Vendors will have plenty of discounts and lots of great door prizes. This will be our 12th year of showing you how to "Make Memories", so come and join us on May 11th and 12th. REGISTRATION WILL BE OPEN SOON!!!!!
  12. There are still some openings for Clyde Lindsey's presentation on Xlights for Friday, June 2nd at Light Up Ohio 2017. Clyde will be concentrating on showing how to adapt your LOR sequences to Xlights, but he is a wealth of information, and will be available for your questions on both days June 2-3. Also, we will have Tom Hammond, David Jones, Dan Blickensderfer, and Clyde giving presentations on Saturday. Everything is ready for a great weekend!!! Don't forget your gift for the "White Elephant" exchange, it is a lot of fun. Don't miss out, register now to attend one of the premier Holiday Lighting events of the year, in beautiful Westerville, Ohio. www.luo2017.whindo.com
  13. We are proud to announce that CoolTees will be giving away 6 of their custom designed shirts at Light Up Ohio 2017. Personally, I would pick one of their cool Christmas designs, but you can choose any one of their many creations. Get your "code" on June 3rd at Light Up Ohio 2017. in beautiful Westerville, OH. Check them out at www.cooltees.us/collections/christmas Hope to see you there!! www.luo2017.whindo.com
  14. Are you prepared for a "Zombie Apocalypse?" AtmosFX will giving away "Free" Zombie Survival cards at Light Up Ohio 2017. Collect the whole set exclusively in Westerville, Ohio, June 2nd and 3rd. AtmosFX will also be giving away 5 of their most popular Projection Video's as door prizes, valued at $50 each. Check out their site at www.atmosfx.com. Hope to see you there!! www.luo2017.whindo.com
  15. Do you want to take your display to the next level? It doesn't matter if you are just beginning to learn about Holiday lighting, or if you are a seasoned decorator, you will get a wealth of knowledge at Light Up Ohio 2017. People will be coming from all over the country to beautiful Westerville, Ohio on June 2-3 to learn from some of the best decorators in the country, and to see some of the new products being introduced by top vendors. Time is running out, join us at Light Up Ohio 2017, for 2 days of fun and sharing. www.luo2017.whindo.com
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