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  1. I am currently researching the use of DMX 1.31 and trying to choose which software package would work best to control large DMX setups. As a LOR S3 user, I would prefer to use SuperStar in programming DMX. But, if it is diffucult to setup or has limitations, it could make it tough to use the software.
  2. Jeffrey wrote: I have built 8 controllers, I guess 1 soldering bride out of 8 controllers isn't bad. Just a little frustrating when it is 10pm in the evening and your trying to figure out what happened and why your controller is wigging out. (Wigging out is an Engineering term)
  3. Figured it out... Found a short between pins 15 and 16 on U2. Once I removed the solder bridge, it worked perfectly. Root Cause: Don't trust an Engineer with a soldering iron,,, :shock:
  4. I've already tried reloading the firmware, with no luck.
  5. I just built the CTB16 board and am having a strange problem. When Channel 1 comes on, so goes 16. When 5 comes on, so does 13. Etc. Seems that the bank is duplicating on the other side. Any ideas?
  6. I remembering seeing that on TV one year (The Chim-o-matic).
  7. I did this last year as well. Just calculate your Amps, and remeber the 80% safety rule. So, if you got a 20 Amp cirucit, load it up to 16 Amps. You should be fine.
  8. Maybe I am missing it. Can a Ramsey Transmitter be modified to support the RDS? I have been thinking of upgrading from the FM25 to the FM100 this year. But, I sure would really to add RDS.
  9. How about thunder? Anyone have any good links (or files) of thunder sounds?
  10. Each row is a seperate channel. The snow flakes are laying between the rows. MY snow flakes are wire frame as well. I attached a thin peice of wire on the frame and stabled the other end to the roof. Had stayed put in 30 MPH winds.
  11. Thanks!! If did take a lot of time to get to get everything straight. Used a chalk line and a square... Took three of us, over 3 days to get done. Here's some other sequences I did. I have 5 running now, working on 6. I only got three video taped. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBICNpFDNZg
  12. Already been taken care of.... I do a systems check every 3 days....
  13. I can't believe to tell you how much fun this is. Well, all you probably understand. Attached is my first song on my first years display. I have video of my other songs, but I am still in the process of transferring them to my PC.
  14. Ed.Faranda

    Voice Overs

    Duh!! I didn't think of that. I am using it to ensure that my MP3 files are formatted correctly. Guess I just need to pick up a microphone.
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