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  1. I used 18/4 shielded security wire worked well 500' for 56.50 4 prong both female and male ends 10 sets for 13.95 (not a bad deal)
  2. i use shielded 18/4 security cable, just couldn't get myself to use Ethernet cable.
  3. have you went into schedule editor and set the schedule for the show that you want to run?
  4. you put me on the right path, upgraded to latest version and all is well.....thanks
  5. how do you get all the lights to come on when using the control panel and the CMB24D? I can get the first 16 channels on but the last 3 lights on channels 17-24 will not come on. they are even off when you hit "all lights on". thanks
  6. my windows 8 machine was plug and play....but had to transfer all the media files as well-opened SE-then reassigned the media file to the new location.... no problems here using it.
  7. I had this same problem today, the dip switches do set the id # for the units. Mine is unit 3 and had to turn switches 8&9 on.
  8. hey folks, I have hooked my board up and everything works fine, but when I go to hook all my units (2-16 channel +board) it will not reconginize the board. I hooked the board up by itself and the hardware utility shows this as unit 01-unknown device. when I go to try to change it to unit 03 in the utility I get "Unable to change unit id, try again" I have done this like 4 times no luck. unplugged, rebooted computer etc. has anyone else ran into this?
  9. When you are building a rgb flood in visualizer is the 1st RGB device Circuit 1 for red, 2 for green 3 for blue? Or do you use just circuit 1 for all 3 colors on the same device?
  10. that's what I have been looking for....you're a lifesaver aka time save... thanks Ron any other helpful rgb tutorials will be greatly appreciated...
  11. well kinda...lol how do you get like orange, purple etc....... do you know of any how to guides or videos?
  12. ok, so im trying to figure out how to get different colors using the LOR RGB Floods other than RGB. I have figured out how to change one of my channel I used for incandescent floods last year, but just cant figure how to get like a white color flood using them. Running 3.6.0 software RGB floods from LOR CMB24D board 12v power supply 48 channels (3 units) 27 led controller help help help help........ thanks
  13. looks like you are correct Max-Paul 24awg is 0.07 amps..... the least I could by with would be 18/4 then...
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