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  1. I use plain incandescent strings and I'd like to start swapping them for LEDs (non transformer types, no RGB style LOR kits.. just straight 110AC cords). Where does everyone get theirs? I've got roughly 40K to start switching over. I've looked all over ebay and everything I'm seeing is the programmable kind.
  2. I'll take a copy as well if available.. thanks! plj1225 @ live . com PS is it the Demi Lovato version? Or the Idina Menzel sound track version? Either one is great.. ty!
  3. Having a major rodent problem and it's getting frustratingly expensive. I'm nearly at $100 in replacement lights in about 10 days (not including the cost of the original lights that were destroyed). I've tried various commercial potions, as well as a really good recipe suggested by someone here involving diy pepper spray. None of it is working, hasn't even slowed down the rate of destruction. I've been able to fix a few of the strings, most are ruined beyond repair. Will any damage be done to the LOR hardware by just constantly leaving it on (but in a much intensity reduced state)? Run my usual show at night, then put it in a simple 20-25% sequence for the downtime? Would that even be effective? The point of the strings that are chewed through are close to the ground. I've been experimenting with raising them up as much as possible while still keeping the structure intact, but I'm at the limit of what I can change.
  4. No problem with cords, but squirrels (I assume) are chewing through my lights. Driving me nuts! I've been able to fix a few of the strings, but I just had to swap out my 5th and 6th irrecoverable string this evening. Going to try Craigs pepper suggestion asap. argh!
  5. I had a similar issue, was faulty triacs.
  6. 1 more (just because it's WnW) Trans Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter
  7. I was all sorts of proud of myself when I had the tomato stake christmas tree idea, until I saw they're pretty standard fair.. haha oh well! Cartman / SouthPark - Oh Holy Night The Almost - Little Drummer Boy August Burns Red - Carol of the Bells 16 channels, ~ 8000 lights full setlist is just about an hour: Last Christmas - The Finals I Won't Be Home for Xmas - Blink182 Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - Fall Out Boy Ex-Miss - New Found Glory So This is Christmas - Acceptance The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - InMemory Felize Navidad - It Dies Today Raw Dog - Dream Theater (not xmas, but hey - like the song) Wizards in Winter - TSO All I Want for Xmas - Dave Miello This Time of Year - Mighty Mighty Bosstones Christmas On The Coast - A Change of Pace New Year - Tyler Read Christmas Is Starting Now - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 12 Days of Christmas - Phineas and Ferb We Wish You A Merry Xmas - Phineas and Ferb Apologies for the firetrucks in the background. Santa (w/ the VFD) was doing his drive through the neighborhood.
  8. I'm using Parallels. Are you using your bootcamp install w/ Parallels? Or a separate Parallels VM? 1st, double check your drivers/Parallels USB settings. When you plug in the 485 adapter you should get the 'Windows or Mac' dialog. Choose Windows. If you don't get that dialog, go into the VM hardware options, culprit is probably that it's being auto set for Mac. 2st, make sure you're using the appropriate driver for either x86 or x64 Windows [probably not an issue if you're using the same BC install in Parallels and the BC install works]. 3st, make sure you run Hardware Utility under Parallels. The COMM settings will likely be different between Parallels and bootcamp. Hope it helps! I have a separate laptop that I've been running my shows on, but I do all of the sequences (and hardware testing/setup) in OSX/Parallels.
  9. Hey all, Thanks again for the help! I swapped out the ch7 triac with another that was known working (ch1) and ch7 started working properly, putting the blame on the triac. Just installed the replacement (have an awesome fully stocked electronics shop nearby) and everything is 100%! Not sure if it was originally a faulty triac or I damaged it from the get go, but all is right with the world now. Happy xmas!
  10. Sorry, wasn't clear in the earlier post - I had tested the transformer LED but don't remember what channel it was on. I'll get some pics asap, thanks!
  11. Hey all - thanks for the advice! I do remember testing the LED branches at one point when I was getting the software running and not having an issue; on/off/fade, etc. The further along I'm getting with this I don't think the problem was the LED w/ transformer. First thing, once I replaced the resistor I also reflow'd all of the solder joints. Tried running the channel test with only 1 LED set (rather than the full 7), it burned out again. Smoke, smell, small flame flash, the whole bit - was pretty cool. I replaced the resistor a 2nd time (ty radio shack for having 5 packs) and tried a dead simple known working incandescent string. It started to burn out again but fortunately I cut it just as it started smoking. Any recommendations on what to hit next? Would the triac or isolator be the next place to look? For clarity's sake, the lights did On/Off during testing as they were supposed to. Also, everything else works perfectly. I've been running shows (minus ch 7) since Thanksgiving. Ideas? (for testing, I was using the hardware utility to on/off cycle through channels 1-16)
  12. Actually fail me.. I didn't realize there where 2 different sequencing programs, Superstar and the regular, so I posted in this section. I'm using the regular Sequence Editor. Thanks again!
  13. I had a problem with channel 7 not working, opened the box and found out the ch7 resistor is burned out. [see pic] I have 7 sets of Philips/Target LED branches on this channel. Each set has an AC->DC transformer, so 7 transformers total. 120v AC 8W to 12v DC 6W Besides the inefficiency, is there anything weird about this that could have caused the burn out? Every other channel works perfectly, but every channel also uses straight AC lights. If the LEDs caused the burnout, is there a more appropriate value resistor? Or is this just bad luck (either way, have to replace the resistor). Thanks! *edit* forgot the pic.. Attached files
  14. disregard above post.. found the problem, starting a new thread
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