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  1. bjbollier@gmail.com, if you wouldn't mind thanks!
  2. mind sharing that with me as well? bjbollier@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. Dave, if you have a moment could I get that bjboliier@gmail.com? Thanks
  4. Mind sharing that again? bjbollier@gmail.com
  5. Awesome! may I get a copy of uptown Funk..bjbollier@gmail.com Thanks
  6. bjbollier@gmail.com, if it's not too much trouble I lost several of our sequences this year could I get a copy of this and anything else you would be willing to part with , thank you in advance.
  7. Help, computer crashed with all my 16 channel songs and sequences from last year. Now I have a second 16 channel and have no 32 channel sequences. Besides that I'm self employed and have a pregnant wife that can't help me this year! Anyone that could help me with some sequences for a 32 channel system would be greatly appreciated and not soon forgotten. Thank you, Freaked out First time dad & LOR junkie!
  8. Wow! got a call back tonight for Mike with Wow lights 9:30 pm the night before Thanksgiving my time! Amazing customer service!!!! They are shipping my my new adapeter Friday overnight, I can't say enough how amazing this is, the best experience I have ever had with a comapany so early on. Again Thank you Mike & Wow Lights, Truly Amazing customer service!!!
  9. Help, Newbie here, just received my basic plus getting started packadge and the USB485 Communication Adapter is missing! I caled the company & left a message, I emailed as well. I am freaking out, they remebered the instruction booklet but no adapter or usb cord. What should I do! Thanks in advance BJ
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