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  1. Can I see a copy please rd6626@msn.com Thanks
  2. I just spent the last 2 hours loading everything on an old XP laptop and my problem is gone. No more blackouts durning the show. So now I need to figure out what is wrong with the computer I've been using the past 6 years. I knew I should not have updated it last month. I only use that one for LOR. I had Win 10 on it before the show started last year. I turned it off in January and didn't used it again until October. I updated windows, and put on the latest version of LOR and now it doesn't work.
  3. I need some help. Randomly in the songs all the lights shut off for 3-8 seconds. Then they will come back on. This happens 1-2 times a song and not at the same times. It's like the whole show stops for those few seconds. I'm running 9 gen 3 controllers. I have tried two different USB rs-45 network adaptors. I have checked all cat 5 cables and tried a different one to controller 1. I'm out of ideas. This is my 6th year using the same setup. Nothing has changed this year other than my laptop has updated to windows 10. Any Idea's? I ordered all new Cat 6 cables today so I plan on just replacing them all when they arrive.
  4. Can I please get a copy of this rd6626@msn.com
  5. If I could please have a cpy as well I would be thankful rd6626@msn.com
  6. I was wondering if anyone has a sequence to Pentatonix Little Drummer boy that they are willing to share. I have 96 channels, but anything to get me started would be appreciated. Willing to purchase if need be, this year has flown by so fast and I'm far behind now. rd6626@msn.com Thanks Rob
  7. can I have a copy as well Please rd6626@msn.com Thanks
  8. Can I have a copy Please rd6626@msn.com thanks
  9. I wasn't happy with the range of the EDM's test antenna either. I then made a small quarter wave antenna. It wasn't any differant. So I then bought a Ramsey TM100. It was slightly better, but still not the greatest. I wasn't so concerned with the distance, I just wanted clear sound a few houses out. Then a few weeks ago I actually mounted the TM100 on the garage roof line, and what a differance. It sounds great and I had to turn the power down on the EDM. I'm thinking I would have been fine if I had just raised the test antenna up in the air a bit highter maybe using a RG6 cable to extend it into the attic.
  10. Hello all. This is my first year doing anything like this. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I just installed C9 retrofit LEDs on the roof line. I used stringer from a 1000ft roll with vampire plugs on the ends. My question is, do I need to put a fuse inline somewhere for these lights? If so what are my options? Right now it's Lor controller to Spt1 extension cord to c9 stringer. About 150 dimable Led lights Thanks
  11. Thanks for all the inputs. I think whenthe next sale hits I will be getting a director. For this year though I think Im going to use the laptop. Probably end up running wires inside unless I come up with a way to insulate the laptop in the garage.
  12. Hello everyone. Looking for some suggestions, as this is my first year. My question is this... I'm trying to decided on which route to use. I have a laptop that I have everything loaded on and was planning on using that to run my shows. However, I live in Minnesota and I'm starting to think leaving the laptop on in the unheated garage may not be the best idea. So my options are 1. leave it in the garage and hope for the best (maybe find a way to keep it warm) 2. drill a hole into the house to run both the cat 5 and antenna wire to my EDM transmitter 3. Purchase the Showtime MP3 Director and have that in the garage Which option is prefered? I thought about the ELL's but I would still need a cord for the EDM (im using an external TM 100 antenna)
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