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  1. Jim, There are 10 other channels on the controller that are working fine. It is just 6 of them are not turning on the lights. I thought I had a hardware issue until I swapped the controller with a spare and the identical problem happened on the other controller. I figure therefore it was some software setting that might turn off channels. I have 22 controllers and all the other controllers work fine. Speed of controllers is the default. Not sure how to check speed. Controllers are the LOR 1602 in the metal case. Not sure about the firmware version. I still think it is some software issue. Michael
  2. I have a controller where circuits 1-6 are not turning on the lights. I have plugged the lights into an independent power source and the lights come on. In the hardware utility, I have run a test on that controller and circuits (1-6) to turn the lights on without success. Lights do turn on all the other circuits on the controller. I replaced the controller with a spare controller and experience the same issue. I have run the verify utility to see if there are any conflicts but none exist. I have called LOR and they have no solution. Has anyone run into this situation where the controller does not turn on the lights?
  3. Have not upgraded in two years. Currently have 3.9.0. I see a couple of you have updated to 3.12. Is this a safe upgrade i.e. no problems. And what features do you like best. Michael
  4. I have been trying to make a ball which supports 12 channels. Would anyone have one or lead me in the direction on how to create it. Thanks.
  5. Has anyone used Madrix software to create affects on a Matrix wall? I plan on bulding a matrix wall out of CCP's for next year. I currently use Superstar to program a matrix tree. But I would like to know the type of affects Madrix offers and how it integrates with LOR.
  6. I want to put the CCP controllers in a plastic enclosure. Anyone know of a big box store that carries something that works?
  7. I have seen several videos which show a tree with what looks like a morph going from the top to bottom. But the only thing is the morph creates a solid line which stays for a period of time I assume it is a morph with no tail but when I do it I get no straight line of solid color but only a small line which goes from top to bottom. So how do I make this straight solid line which appears to be a morph going from top to bottom of the tree. And where is the setting to make it stay for lets say 5 seconds. Thanks.
  8. Steven, I am able to set the color on the DMX floods using the basic RGB colors. I open the fade tool and see their is a left and right choose for the color you want So I made both the left and right the same color per your instructions. At the bottom there are 4 options (regular, twinkle, shimmer, DMX). Should I be selecting DMX. Since both the left and right are the same color I should be able to hit either copy button. The probem is that the paste button on sequence editor should be enabled so I can paste but it is grayed out. So I am still confused as to how to get the single color in the fade to my sequence editor DMX flood.
  9. What is the best way to set a color of an RGB device in Sequence Editor. Is there a color pallette you can choose the color from?
  10. Was looking at the pacman image in examples. Where is a video on how to create images and animation like this?
  11. How do you copy a part of a sequence that is longer than the current 8 seconds. I have something that is 30 seconds but I cannot figure out how to select the start and end points. I know when I want to make something longer than 8 seconds I left click the time line for the start point and then right click for the end point. But how do I copy this long item.
  12. Brian, Do you know how much power (amps) one ccp controllers uses?
  13. Ron, I think I have your email address. I will email it to you tonight. It is a colored tree with white snowflakes which spin around it. However, I am using half strand or 25ct lights. Remember, you had assisted me on this.
  14. Brian, What you described is what I though would happen. However the blue tree is a long time length (15 seconds) and the white snowflake is .1 second. The results is tje white snowflake shows up on the blue background. Previously, I would turn off the pixel on the blue background where the snowflake was. But the second time I forgot to do this, keeping the blue background total solid, but got the same results as the previous one.
  15. I am using CCP's in a tree. I have a pattern where I turn the tree all blue and have snowflakes rotating across the the tree. On line 1 of the grid I turn all the pixels on the tree to blue. On line 2 of the grid I turn selected pixels to white snowflakes. At first I thought that for each pixel location of the snowflake I would have to turn off the associated pixel on the blue tree. But by accident I did a pattern where I did not turn off the blue tree pixel and it looked like I got white snowflakes. I thought that by not turning off the blue tree pixel I would get a mixture of the two colors for that pixel. Am I correct to assume that when you have a pixel designated with two different colors, the color with the lower line number takes prescedence?
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