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  1. Yes, you are correct Dan. I was feeling pretty bad yesterday after the theft. Thank you all ever so much!! The positive comments were extremely helpful for this year, and also gave me some very good ideas for next year as well. Again, thank you and Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Thank you and I agree, I really think the cameras are a great future goal. We have such a large display now that we are definitely looking into some higher-end night vision cameras for next year. We have one set now, but we live on a street without ANY street lights, as a matter of fact, it's almost pitch black after the Christmas lights go out. When we viewed the camera we currently have now, all we saw were shadows. At this point, this year the best we can do is make sure to secure things down and make it more difficult for any potential thieves. But next year with the cameras and extra traditional overnight outdoor lighting, I think (and hope) we will be a lot better prepared.
  3. HI Linda, Thank you for the response. That's a good idea to attach it to a heavy pallet. In our case they cut the ties that came with it but what you are suggesting would have made it much more difficult for someone to take. And I never thought of removing the head at night, that's great also. We purchased ours a couple years ago so none of the stores close to me have it anymore, but I did find a replacement at a different store a few hours from me that I can pick up tomorrow. I guess if a thief is really determined they will eventually take it, but if anyone tries to take the new one, they are going to really have to work hard to get it out of our yard this time. Again, thank you so very much and Merry Christmas!
  4. I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else around this time of year, but if so, can you guys please let me know how you have handled people stealing any of your Christmas displays. We had this real cute Santa (with hair, glasses and all) that sat in a chair and when the kids come buy in the boring to catch the school bus, the usually touch it, and it will play music and ask them if they were naughty or nice. It also was animated and waved and had the cutest little dog climbing on his lap. I can't believe that someone stole Santa! This is like a scene from the Grinch!! I know they have ways to locate lost phones and laptops and things like that, but I sure would LOVE to have something to track it so that I could have the police walk right up to the thief's front door!
  5. Your display is absolutely beautiful!! Great Job! I especially love the one that has Santa in the window.
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