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  1. Pernicious Angel

    My first video at the house for 2011

    "Now what to start filling all that open area with?".....LIGHTS, LIGHTS, & MORE LIGHTS!!!! LOL
  2. Pernicious Angel

    LOR Sequences.com now UltraShows.com

    Thanks Denny! I wasn't aware of this. Just signed up and grabbed a couple of sequences I was looking for
  3. I'm interested in this one too.
  4. Pernicious Angel

    Download free sequences here

    Thanks Donald! Quick question...I'm only doing 16 channels for Halloween 2012, would you be interested in sequencing a couple of songs for me? I'm willing to pay
  5. Pernicious Angel

    Just a Gripe About Some People

    I'm just getting started here so there's going to be many a "THANK YOU" to come. And for those who have already helped, another thank you to you guys. I've only completed the main beats in one song I'm wanting to do for Halloween 2012, so I know there will be lots more questions. Speaking of questions...is there any tutorials/videos on how to do sequencing on the talking faces? if so, could you send me a link or something please? Thanks
  6. Pernicious Angel

    Sequencing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

    Thanks Dave I'll probably get back to working on it after Thanksgiving. Lots of cooking to do over the next couple of days. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Pernicious Angel

    Sequencing Tips, Tricks and Secrets

    I'm new to all this madness as well. I just downloaded the trial version a couple of days ago and I'm working on "something". By something I mean I've got a song in the sequence editor and just finished putting the main beats in. The problem I haven't figured out yet is how to make the beat fade. The song fades out at the end and I want the lights to fade as well. Any suggestions? I know everybody's very busy getting things together for the upcoming holiday, but any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Pernicious Angel

    Frames for Singing Pumpkin Faces

    Thanks caniac!
  9. Pernicious Angel

    Frames for Singing Pumpkin Faces

    Tracy....how many channels do use for the face? (my name is Tracie, too...lol)
  10. Pernicious Angel

    this is for the newbies

    @James - We're just starting out here so nothing real big for 2012 Halloween. I've outlined the house where I want the lights to go, got a graveyard "planned" out, been internet window shopping for controller (price comparison on which one to get), and already got plans for expanding in the years to come I've always enjoyed the light shows and finally figured out that I need a "hobby". When I told hubby I was going to start a hobby and showed him what I wanted to do, he just shook his head as if he was saying "Oh man, here we go". @caniac - I am a woman and I understand that you guys are working with electricity....that's why hubby gets to mess with the electrical part of all this and I get to deal with the computer part Actually, we'll both be doing a little of both...he'll be teaching me about some of the electrical and I'll teach him about the computer.
  11. Pernicious Angel

    PC CTB16PC Kit

    Thanks Don. I guess I haven't looked at EVERYTHING on the LOR website ... Yet.
  12. Pernicious Angel

    PC CTB16PC Kit

    Does anyone have the instructions for the DIY kits (16 channel)? If so, could you post it or send it to me please? I would greatly appreciate it
  13. Pernicious Angel

    Compatible Lights

    Has anyone used lights from Birddogdistributing.com? They seem to be the cheapest I've found so far ( 150' 2-wire 120-volt 1/2" Purple Light Rope for $84.99 ) P.S. I'm new to all this and been doing some internet window shopping.