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  1. Lyman Rate

    Sequencing 2017

    I have a few openings for the 2017 year and would love to sequence for you! I have done sequencing for nearly 10 years and love doing it. Rates are very affordable and I guarantee the work. If interested, please message me. Thank you.
  2. Lyman Rate

    Who wants work?

    Don I am always willing to assist as needed/necessary.
  3. 2016 has finally ended (for many this was a very good thing), and I am excited to see it pass because that means I have the opportunity to provide sequencing again in 2017!!! 2017 promises to be a better year and as such I want to get things going with a big BANG!! I am beginning to take sequencing clients for the 2017 and will be offering the first 2 people (new or former) 40% off their entire sequencing package! PM me for details or go to my website and click on the Contact Page to send me an email! www.syncrolights.com
  4. Lyman Rate

    Accepting 2015 Clients

    I have 2 openings remaining for 2015 sequencing. Contact me if interested. Thanks
  5. Lyman Rate

    Accepting 2015 Clients

    I have room for approx 3 more clients for the 2015 year. If you are looking or interested in having your sequencing done, please contact me. You can contact me here, FB, or email syncrolights@yahoo.com Thanks! Lyman
  6. Lyman Rate

    Newbie needs Help! LOTS OF HELP!

    Let me try to answer your questions in the order you put them up. Your first question is yes you can use the icicle lights. As to the second part of the question, the controller can only handle 30 amps of lights. Divide that over 16 and it's just under 2 amps per channel. Use this information wisely. Second Question: If you want to run cords out of the house, then plug it inside. If you want the controller outside, plug the controller into an outside outlet. Third Question: Just like any power tool if you have to plug it in, then you probably will use an extension cord. Yes you will plug the controller into an extension cord if you don't have it right next to an outlet. Then that means you'll have extension cords going to the lights in the yard and on the house. Extension Cords are going to be your friend. Get used to them. Fourth Question: songs are usually in 4/4 time. This means it's easier to use 4 channels to do one thing. 4 mini tree, 8 mini trees (4x2). You don't group in fours, you use 4 channels. Or you can make everything one channel and have 16 different things. Up to you. Observation: If you are truly trying to just do this to win a light competition, only run every now and then, you are in the wrong hobby. Good luck.
  7. I have 3 slots that opened up for sequencing for 2014. I am offering 50% off the sequencing and this is first come first serve. Once those slots are gone, then I won't have anymore open availability until further notice. Message me here, or info@syncrolights.com
  8. Timing marks are important. For most, they are the critical thing that allows us to do the song. For some, it's not easy getting the timing marks for the beat, voices, various instruments, etc. I am willing to help with this. I can do the timing marks for nearly any song and can go into detail on what you need. Message me or go to http://www.lightenupexperience.com/8.html or email me: info@lightenupexperience.com
  9. Lyman Rate

    50% Off Custom Sequencing

    Yes sorry. I noticed that yesterday and have made a call to 1and1 to figure out what's wrong. They are "looking into it" as they told me. So here are a couple links to some work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ARWgJIPLOE http://vimeo.com/80966275 Also email is messed up so email at xtremedisplays@yahoo.com
  10. Lyman Rate

    50% Off Custom Sequencing

    I had 2 slots re-open so I am taking 2 more slots! This is for 50% off sequencing for 2014! Email me at xtremedisplays@yahoo.com for more information!
  11. Lyman Rate

    Help me get started.

    Welcome to the addiction! The 16 channel controller from LOR if you buy it ready made runs $259.95. Where you have to do a small amount of assembly it runs $225.95 I don't necessarily see a need to go with an 8 channel when that can very quickly expand. The 16 channel controllers will be fun to work with but as stated previously, this isn't something that you plug in and it will do everything. You will need to have the software and do some sequencing to get the lights to move to the music. There are ones that are pre-done, however considering you said for odd parties, I don't know if Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July music is what you are looking for. There are some songs that have been done that are not strictly Christmas or Holiday specific, so that might be of help. If you have questions, you are in the right forums to ask! There is no such thing as a stupid questions, so ask anything and someone will be able to hopefully answer or guide you in the right direction.
  12. Lyman Rate

    50% Off Custom Sequencing

    As of now, all slots for this 50% off have been taken. However I will have other sales, so stay tuned!
  13. Lyman Rate

    50% Off Custom Sequencing

    1 slot remains
  14. Lyman Rate

    50% Off Custom Sequencing

    I have 4 slots left for this.
  15. Lyman Rate

    Small frontal area on house- sequencing tips?

    Layering is nice and can give a look of depth without it looking excessively full. I have used the layered look and it can work very well. Another suggestion is to take the house and use it more as a backdrop, and then work other elements off of that. If you have a central element (mega tree/spiral tree/pixel tree for examples) work everything around it, but again layering can play a factor here. As with anything smaller up front, more dense and bigger items to the back. You can do a lot with a small yard that is long, but it all boils down to preference. Some say dark is ok, and I agree. It all doesn't have to be going to make it work. It can be subtle spots where certain elements are on to make a point with the music. If more light is wanted, use other items at a lesser intensity as background to the element being used at full intensity. Be creative and just have fun. That's the biggest thing about this. You are the creator of your display and it will look as good as you want it to be.