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  1. dustinpelletier wrote: Lol! No need to cry. Anything less than full price is good. I, however, did cry because I didn't find any lights. Lol. Did they have colored lights? I am not a fan of led just yet either and can't seem to find any colored incan online.
  2. I woke up really early to hit the sales in search for colored minis and could not find any. Most of the stores were out completely. Very disappointing. Dustin, I did find plenty of white minis at Garden Ridge. Anyone else have any luck?
  3. jaimwolfe wrote: Thanks jaimwolfe. Worth every sleepless night! =o)
  4. Joe Polenchar wrote: Hi Joe, Thank You. I was extremely excited to put my LOR to work this year. I can wait to add more channels and color to my show. To answer you question...the first song after the intro is Miracle on 34th Street. Thanks, fred
  5. Hello All!! Merry Christmas!! I was finally able to record my light show. It had been raining here for quite some time but there was finally a good day!! =) Its raining again though... Anyway, this is my show...please comments and suggestions welcome. http://vimeo.com/34175303 Fred
  6. How do i use movie maker with my handycam videos? It won't let me import. =/
  7. Hi All, I have seen lots of videos of displays. Some of them have very good sound. How do I accomplish this? I will be across the stree and would like to have great sound once uploaded. Thanks, Fred
  8. Thanks Redbirdruss! You guys are so much help to the newbies!! =o)
  9. Hi Veterans, I am wondering how do I keep my lights on after the scheduled show times? Thanks, Fred
  10. t purser wrote: Thank you so much for that. =o) Still raining in San Antonio! =o(
  11. KStatefan wrote: I know how you feel...lol. in due time.
  12. LORi P wrote: Hi Fred, I am also a fan of Holdman's. I have 32 channels this year - so twice as many as you, but I have managed to get 4 colors on everything. (Holdman does three colors.) I have tried to make the most of [highlight= #ffff88]my[/highlight] channels because 32 can get used up pretty quickly. I have done that by combining some elements of some colors and placing them on the same channel. These two [highlight= #88ff88]sequences[/highlight] actually only use 29 channels: Roof/gutters: 4 Channels (1W 1B 1R 1G) Icicles: 1 Channel (1W) Tall tree: 4 Channels (1W 1B 1R 1G) Three clusters of 3 trees: 6 Channels (3W 1B 1R 1G) Line of 5 trees: 14 Channels (5W 3B 3R 3G) http://youtu.be/_5J4AFuLcUo http://youtu.be/LrRmMFVLCOU Using my channel configuration with 16 channels, you could do everything in my dispaly in white (except no icicles) - 10 channels - and one of the other colors, red, green, or blue - 6 channels. I know you already have your layout for this year, but I just wanted to show you that multi colors are possible with few channels.... you just have to get creative about how to combine elements on the same channel, and still be able to do the sequencing that you would like.... Good luck, LORi thanks LORi. This looks pretty straight forward...now doing it is a differnet story. Lol Thank yo so much!
  13. crashdummyjr wrote: Its is truely an experience. Do youu have any video? I haven't been able to take video due to this rainy weather we have been having in san antonio. :-( soon.
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