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  1. Thanks again for your assistance. I was able to fix one of the controllers thanks to your suggestions. There was a broken pin in the waterproof dongle, so it has been replaced and tested. The other one obviously has a deeper issue and I have opened a ticket at LOR. Thankfully I have a backup controller for those CCB's.
  2. Thanks Bob and Jim. The network connection is good. For testing, I am using the same Cat 5 cable to connect to each box one at a time in the HU. I hit refresh, it finds the box I connected, and I test the lights to make sure everything is okay before hooking it up outdoors. But for some strange reason, it does not see either of those two boxes when I plug them in and hit refresh. I've checked to make sure the Cat 5 is seated correctly. I've even tried it in both network jacks and no luck.
  3. I have 3 CCB units and 2 CCP units that I have been using for the past three years. For some reason the Hardware Utility is not seeing 2 of the CCB units, but sees the other one as well as the 2 CCP units. I have confirmed that they are getting power (green LED is flashing normally) and I have made sure the HU is set to as many units as possible. I also did a controller reset and still no luck. Any ideas?
  4. I'm in Glendale and would be interested in any So Cal gatherings. Like jerryb721 said, there used to be one in the Simi Valley area. It was great fun, but didn't happen this year.
  5. The intermediate class would be of interest to me.
  6. The 5th is better for me. I have some random times available on the 6th too. Looking forward to seeing your schedule.
  7. Sorry I missed the training on Saturday. I look forward to a future presentation on that topic though.
  8. Thanks for the great class on the Visualizer. I really enjoyed it and learned quite a bit. It was nice to be able to ask questions and receive immediate feedback.
  9. I'm especially interested in a Visualizer tutorial and CCD sequencing/effects. Looking forward to your classes!
  10. At the Christmas Expo, the LOR booth had a demo of new CCF's. I was told the old CCF's were discontinued and will be replaced by the new version. The housing is smaller (~ 4"x 5"), and the exterior is black with black cords. They did not say when the new CCF's would be available though.
  11. The contest is mentioned on this page (http://www.lor2013.com/christmas-contest-2012/) but no mention of any winners.
  12. UPDATE: Resetting the controllers seemed to help, but to alleviate all of the issues, I went ahead and connected everything directly to my PC. Thanks everyone for your input on here and via PM's.
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