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  1. One of my 4 channel controllers isn't behaving correctly. When I turn all the channels on in hardware utility mode only 2 of the 4 channels come on but they go out in a couple seconds. When I plug it in directly with cat 5 cable they all work ok. HELP!!!
  2. Do you have anything comical? also, Charlie Brown, modern or classical?
  3. I'm starting to put lights up today with lots of mega trees added this year. I'm looking for some new sequences that will make the trees dance. I typically have different themes for different days of the week. ie.: Traditional, Charlie Brown, Country, Inspirational, Santa, songs with Christmas in the title, etc. I'm currently using three 16 channel controllers and two add'l 4 channel controllers in my neighbors yard. I can modify sequences to fit my map. Although I've been playing with this a few years, I still feel like a newbie. Nice to get back on here though. Thanks, Mark
  4. Did the caps make his program explode or sumthin?
  5. Would anyone be willing to share any 64 channel sequences. Added 2 more controllers this year. Nothing in particular, just need a few more and no time to write more. As always, I greatly appreciate my fellow forum family members that I'm fortunate enough to belong to. Thanks, Mark mrforemark@gmail.com
  6. I have lots of sequences that I've used for my 48 channel show from last year. I purchased 2 add'l 4 channels controllers for the neighbors house. What is the easiest way to modify the sequences to incorporate the add'l 8 channels into my show? Thanks, Mark
  7. I'm have problems editing sequences with an alternate computer dedicated to the task of only editing sequences. When it's hooked to a controller the sequences will play in SE. When not attached to a controller I get error messages about missing media file. Is it possible to edit then play edited sequences from a remote location without being attached to a controller?
  8. I'm having similar problems. I did buy the larger adapter but when i put it in the comm 3 port it isn't recognized. I have cat5 going to the first controller and an ELL coming out of the controller. Only 1 of the two additional ELLs will work. In the Hdwe utility it can only find 2 controllers. I've been able to get one of the other controllers to recognize but not both st the same time. Is ther an "in" and an "out" socket on the ELLs. I understood that either would work.
  9. I'm again troubled with sequences not marrying to music files. Over the years I've always used Simple Show Builder for shows. I've recently learned that this is not the best choice. Where is the best place to store sequences and music files so they can easily combine for a seamless show? I just got a file from a generous forum member containing numerous sequences. I downloaded them to "downloads" and would like to store them in the best place. I'd like to move my existing sequences into the same place to clean it all up. Thanks in advance. Mark.
  10. Thanks Bill P. I'll let you know when I get the stuff. Mark
  11. Oops mrforemark@columbus.rr.com. I have that as well as many other mental challenges. Thanks, Mark
  12. Every year when I try to get my Christmas light show going I have challenges. When I select LOR Control Panel from start up I get an indication that no file exists. I also don't see the Launch at Start Up option in the other LOR programs. Can anyone offer an opinion? I do have a LOR disc from day 1 but don't want to use it because I purchased an updated license last year.
  13. My next door neighbor decided to join the show with a controller thetas now synced via ELL. In doing so, we are now 48 channels total. I'm looking for some sequences that include 48 and also have an 8 channel leaping arch which I added this year. Can anyone help, Please?
  14. The bulb eventually populated in the task tray. All of my animation sequences work but all my music/animation sequences generate an error just like last year. I decided to go back to using my old netbook which works fine. It's more challenging when writing sequences because of it's size and my old eyes. Thanks for everyone's help. Shine On... Mark
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