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  1. I found another way....I ended up creating a new PE file with a cut audio file to the length I needed. And then copied and pasted the animations to the new file and it appears to work fine. Thank you for the responses!!
  2. Hello, I am working on a musical animation in the pixel editor. My song is long and 3/4 through the editing I decided I wanted to shorten the song. I would like to keep all the work already created but just need to change the media file so the length of the musical animation is shorter. Is there a way to change the media file in the pixel editor and keep everything else the same?
  3. Awesome JOB Dave, absolutely loved it!! Our 4yr daughter is absolutely going to love this! We're in the process of building our 12 strip CCR tree and can't wait to try this sequence on it!!! Thank you:)
  4. Hello all, We bought our first controller last X-mas. I think we're hooked. We bought two more for our Halloween display this year. Everything in the video is hand made, including the tombstones. We learned to make a few of the props from Halloweenforum.com. We wanted to be original and not use the Halloween display items sold in the stores. It just seems all the stores sell the same stuff. Many of the houses in the area have the same feel to it. We got the faces from Holidaycoro.com and had to install the lights. It took us several weeks to make everything. It was worth all the hard work. Enjoy the video.....
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