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  1. I just updated to version 3.10.6 last night and am trying to export my SS sequence into LOR sequence editor using the "export" command under the File tab in SS. Everytime I try this an error occurs and shuts down SS. Any reason as to why this is happening?? I checked the forums and didn't see this type of a question so I am sorry if this is a repeat question from the past. Thanks for your help! Tim
  2. Come on Gary, that hurt . Stop down anytime!! BTW, it played a lot the day of the Ohio St. Mich game! 12-O H...
  3. I started to tinker one day while sitting at my daughters gynmastics practice and came up with this. Of course it took longer than the hour and half time frame of the practice but it was well worth it! Thanks Brian for a wonderful program that makes something like this easier to do! Merry Christmas everyone! Tim
  4. George, Thanks for the thread! I went back to look at the two songs that this is happening to and I noticed on the one song the CCRs started at 1 sec in and the other is was closer to 3 seconds in. Not sure if that thread is the solution to this problem since it's not immediate. Also, in the song that starts at 1 sec, there are three bells that have its ringer at the bottom going side to side. Well, you can see the ringers going side to side but not bells! So some of the CCR command is getting there since the ringers are showing. Then about 5 seconds into the song the bells start coming in one at a time when I have them changing color. Weird, I know!! It really isn't a huge deal, but I would like it to look perfect. Thanks again for your help! Tim
  5. George, Pretty much immediately when the song starts, or just a second or two after. Do you think it's because the CCR sequence is immediate? Now that you mentioned it, the songs that had this happen had the CCRs going right at the begining. Hmmmm....
  6. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I am having an issue with my CCRs at the beginning of most songs. For some reason the CCRs don't display what they're supposed to at the very beginning of some songs. After the first 5-10 seconds they work perfect, but the first 5-10 seconds they don't work much at all. I have 8 strips that run off 2 seperate networks (4 strips per network) and both networks are set to to "fastest" speed in SE. I'm not sure if data isn't getting to the stips fast enough, or if there's too much data going (which really doesn't look like it) or what the devil is going on. Anyone else out there have this happen and can offer suggestions as to what to do to fix it?? Thanks for your help! Happy Black Friday! Tim
  7. This is what I'm using this year: http://www.mcmelectr...CFYZaMgodgBAAxQ I have 8 CCRs for this year. I am putting 4 CCR controllers per box, plus a third box that will hold the power strip to plug the controllers into. I am also planning on putting those boxes into another large lockable box to maintain security. Hoping all works like they said it should! Tim
  8. Be sure to stock up on patience and nerves!! It is real nerve racking initially to make sure all the lights are on and everything is working like it should. After 7 years of doing this, I finally realized that the people watching are enjoying the show no matter what may or may not be working like you want. Also, it's a good idea to test the show a few times before the actual start up date just to make sure there are no little bugs that needs to be worked out. Welcome to the club and good luck! Blessings. Tim
  9. Tim

    Little DMX help Please

    Craig, Just wondering......did you go to Edit --> Preferences --> Network Preferences --> DMX and make sure you have the adapter selected (in Sequence Editor)? If you do, then maybe it is something from the HolidayCoro side until the new software gets released. I had similar issues when I was trying to get my HolidayCoro star setup a few weeks ago. Hang in there, it will work!! Tim
  10. This is what I'm using this year: http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/21-11145 I will put 4 CCRs per box. I felt it to be a great price and the shipping was fast as well. Good luck! Tim
  11. All lit up, That's kinda what I figured. Did you have all 3 networks set to the "average" speed, or did you have your CCR networks set to "Fastest"? That's how I will do it as long as there are no issues with the different speeds per network. Thanks for your help! Tim
  12. Tim

    Little DMX help Please

    Cobra, I would assume that is correct. Since I have not used one, I'm not 100% positive but I can't imagine the two ports would act as seperate networks. So I'd go with your thinking that it's all one network. Just my 2 cents.....
  13. Tim

    Little DMX help Please

    Cobra, That's what I have and it works, except I am using a USB485 and not a USB485b. I too have a controller from holidaycoro and have it connected to a cross-over adapter I purchased from Seasonal Entertainment to a USB485 and it works like a charm with S3 Advanced! Tim
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