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    I bought the starter pack (16ch + software). I read forums and by the time the package arrived I had some sequences ready to go.
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  1. Hi to all, I'm looking for any sequences from Coco (the movie), if possible with singing faces, please let me know and thank you for sharing. mixnight@hotmail.com
  2. I would like to have a copy of this seq, my kids will love this song. mixnight@hotmail.com Thank you.
  3. I would like to have a copy of this sequence, thank you. mixnight@hotmail.com
  4. Thank you K6ccc, I have sandevices also from 2012, just wanted to be sure that the seller product works with it.
  5. Can this work with Sandevices E682? http://sandevices.com/product/e682-assembled-tested/ What is your payment method? (Paypal, etc)
  6. I would like to ask for this also, is it a pixel version with faces? if yes, please, mixnight@hotmail.com. Thank you
  7. James can I get a copy of the pixel version, thank you. mixnight@hotmail.com
  8. Problem solved, it was an extended effect at the end of the song, thank you all for answering shortly
  9. Hi all, I exported a sequence from SS and when opening on SE a pop up window for an error loading sequence opens up that says: invalid end centisecond for last replacement event: 16355; channel is 16354 centiseconds. Can someone tell me what is this and how to fix the sequence on SS to make it open in SE, thank you in advance.
  10. Hello everyone, I didn't get a copy, can I get a copy of booth dibblejr and James Morris versions?, thank you
  11. Can I get a copy? Thank you. gama@gamamediagroup.com
  12. It is better to turn on the projector at the beginning and off at the end of your show every day, reason is because projector lamps has some amount of operation hours, the more you use the projector the more hours in projector use and lamp hours you are putting on it, also you can have the risk of blowing a lamp at any time, and as Denny mentioned, your power bill will increase because projector needs a lot of power consumption, and don't forget that you need to cool down the lamp before you disconnect the projector from power.
  13. If you are using an ftp software you only select what you want then drag and drop into your computer
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