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  1. I have been trying to by a power supply locally (i.e. in the province of Ontario) and I wondered if anyone else had sourced a Canadian supplier for the power supply for the CMB24D? Thanks!
  2. GROAN, at least seeing your display picture at the bottom makes it worthwhile
  3. Thanks to all of you, now I just have to wrap my head around it. I think given the temps here in Canada, overheating should not be a problem.
  4. Hi Troy, Is this what I am looking for? http://www.amazon.com/Ledwholesalers-Power-Suppply-Driver-Transformer/dp/B0034GUEY4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1385487899&sr=8-4&keywords=12+volt+30+amp+power+supply
  5. Hi Everyone, I am hoping to get a little help with setup as my 8 pack just arrived and there are a couple of things that aren't listed, so I am hoping from help from the forum 1. Can any provide any info on how they are powering the CMB24D? 2. What are you enclosing it in? 3. I have a fan that I was looking at making that is in 8 foot strips. Any thoughts on proper technique for cutting and setup? Thanks for any help! Stuart
  6. Thanks Don - With your help I solved it. It's the little "..." button that I hadn't picked up on that brings up all of my loaded channels - Eureka Thanks for responding so quickly. Stuart
  7. Thanks Don - I appreciate the help. I must be doing something else wrong as that is what I did. Im using v3.8 - and when I hit done after loading the sequence or channel layout it jsut goes back to the main screen. When I add a light string and pull up the properties - the assigned channel section at the bottom is blank and no pop-ups occur. Any other thoughts? Thanks, Stuart
  8. Now that my show is running, I thought I would try to get a handle on using the Visualizer... I had thought that once I selected New and upload my house image that I could upload my current channel configuration by clicking on "Load LOR reference" and that would load my channels so that I don't have to re-enter it. However - when I click on the "Load LOR reference" and upload the file nothing seems to change. Any thoughts? Thanks, Stuart
  9. That is pretty cool! How did you get them into such a perfect circle?
  10. I have one CCR Ribbon that I want to add to our display next year and I wondered when you only have one CCR what suggestions people might be doing with it!
  11. Thanks fxdwg that is what I ended up doing which works good as long as you remember to stop in time! Shfr26, I hadn't tried that so I will have to give that one a shot for next season! Thanks!
  12. Solved the problem by reducing the gain (-25) in Audacity for all my songs. I was surprised it had to be that much, but it is incredible how clear it is now.
  13. Thanks Paul, your right that would be handy.
  14. Geez Wallleyes - Two for Two today! I should just email you my questions! Thanks for the help, Stuart
  15. When I play the show, the music is very distorted. I am assuming I cant turn something down on the actual unit correct? So I have audacity, can anyone give me a quick instruction on how to reduce the overall volume in Audacity? Thanks, Stuart
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