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  1. Would love a copy, lifter294@msn.com thanks
  2. Would love a copy at Lifter294@msn.com
  3. Would love a copy! Lifetr294@msn.com Thanks
  4. Thanks Sarge, but as usual being an old guy in this stuff I somehow deleted it as I tried to open it! If you could please send again! Sorry Bryan
  5. Would love a copy as well, Lifter294@msn.com thanks Bryan
  6. Would love it as well! Lifter294@msn.com thanks Bryan
  7. Lifter294@msn.com would love them as well, trying to freshen upmy display for Christmas Eve! thanks in advance Bryan
  8. Matt, Would love anything you have, trying to mix up my show after having run the same stuff for the last three weeks. Lifter294@msn.com Bryan
  9. Would love a copy, have been running for three weeks, time to mix it up with some new stuff! Lifter294@msn.com
  10. I got some awesome ones from MR Earl Talley, he is here on the forums, search for him and his videos! I do not have access to any of my stuff having just moved and trying to get stuff put back together in my Garage, I am hopeing to get a display of some sort together for Halloween!
  11. DevMike, Its two fold for me, I like the hunt for a bargain as much as the satisfaction of beating all the challenges associated with putting it all together. You guys are the best at making a plug and play system. I will forever be indebted to you guys for getting me started. My issue is always time and money just like everyone else! I am a mechanically smart guy but computer challenged! This makes for an interesting combination as I cant count how many times my computer weaknes has created the problem! Like wrong destination, where did I save that at to name a few! Thanks to LOR for getting me started!
  12. would love a copy as well! Lifter294@msn.com
  13. Would love a copy as well, Lifter294@msn.com
  14. Running behind on my show would love a copy, Lifter294@msn.com Thanks Bryan
  15. I heard this song the other day and said to myself, I should sequence it. then I realized hey some one probably already has. Sir I would love a copy, after all Jesus is the reason for the season! It is all about giving! Lifter294@msn.com Thank you and have a Merry Christmas
  16. Ok i set up my controller and it worked fine, next day it did nothing, checked fuses an power and board has that but no green LED, tried reseting by moving th pin with no luck. This is a new controler I bought for my Spiral tree last year. Kind of confusing using the trouble shooting sheet for DIY controlers, any Idea where to start? Thanks in advance for any sugestions!
  17. what kind of spacing did you use and do you have any video or pictures you can post, Looking like next year any way unless I incorporate a small display of them in preperation for next year. Where did you purchase your stuff from. want to get set up with some web sites to watch for sales.
  18. I am thinking about going with a smart RGB set up and was wondering about spacing for the nodes, What nodes are people using and what kind of set ups are people using. If you have any pictures or videos that would be a plus as well. Most pictures I see look like one continous light and I understand the cost and spacing can add up! Thanks
  19. can you post a link to the lights you guys are using?
  20. I used the holiday coro sequences and made my own faces out of two 4X8 sheets of coro board, then built a frame out of PVC to give it strength. then I drew out my face free hand. then I pulled out the old cordles drill and drilled all the holes. Yes it was labor intensive but well worth it. took me a whole weekend to get it done and one evening of painting but looks awesome. used holiday coro's sequences. really made the finished product awesome! bought most of my lights in orange at Big lots for a great price! You may be able to combine the rope lights with the coro to make what you are looking for!
  21. Did you contact Holiday Coro, They have a bunch!
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