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  1. I know its down to the wire here but would love the singing faces to Metallica's Enter Sandman... savery255@yahoo.com Thanks in advance Steve
  2. Looking for singing faces for Metallica's Enter Sandman. If anyone is willing to share please send me a copy. savery255@yahoo.com Thanks in advance Steve
  3. Never got it, I typed my email in wrong savery255@yahoo.com
  4. All good suggestions. After spending more time going through old forum posts and troubleshooting some of the same ideas suggested above, It led me to the LOR home page and found the firmware update section and low and behold the 2 controllers I was having issues with had firmware updates available. Updated the firmware on both controllers and all problems went away! This was the first time I have ever had to update any firmware, it it was easy and went very smoothly. Needless to say I am very relieved... on with the show!!! thanks for the suggestions Happy Halloween
  5. So during my show I have RGB lights flickering randomly. When the show is off (not enabled) I have RGB lights that go on and off randomly. Then when I open up my control panel and look to see what control boxes are seen, it finds more control boxes than I have. I have 6 control boxes and it sees 11 and calls the extra boxes unknown device??? I originally thought the random light during the show were due to bad cat 5e cables. This happened to me last year and was an easy fix. Checked cables and they are all good. Random lights flickering on and off while the show is off is a new one for me. Also control panel seeing more control boxes than I have is new to me as well. My only guess is possibly a bad RJ45 filter or a possible firmware issue??? If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thank you in advance Steve
  6. I would love the link as well savery255@yahoo.com thank you I would love your link as well... savery255@yahoo.com Thanks
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DQVwIXZu8g&feature=youtu.be
  8. I bought 4 new cat5 cabels from monoprice a few weeks ago and had issues with my show. Took a close look at the new cabels and all 4 were wired wrong! Decided to make my own and will never buy premade cabels again....I've ordered a lot from monoprice and this was my first bad order...
  9. Kevin- Sorry to hear that you are shut down! From the news footage I saw it looked like a perfect place to have it with a park across the street. Hope you get it worked out! Kenny- never encountered that yet....and I stress yet cause I'm sure I will at some point. Hope it was a one time deal....
  10. S U C C E S S ! ! ! Turns out the 4 new cat5 cabels were all wired wrong! Wired up my own today and problem solved! Thanks again everyone for taking the time to help in trying to trouble shoot my problem when I'm sure you all had better things to do. I'm very greatfull... Kevin-glad your show is back up and running again. I live in the Sacramento area and saw it on the local news a few nights ago. Truth be told I saw a YouTube video of yours in 2011 and that's what hooked me! I'm sure I'm not the only one you have inspired so thank you. Again thanks for taking the time to help me out! Will try and post a video this week
  11. I agree it's hard to see the dark red but I've gone through and made sure they are all off! The issue is they never come on at the same point in the sequence...
  12. Don- as i just started looking at my sequences it donned on me (no pun intended) that the lights come on at different times each time the sequence is played so I don't think background effects are to blame...
  13. First off....thanks for all the help! Mr P- I assume you mean the power cords to the controllers and the cat 5 cabel and not the power cords running from the controllers to the lights. If I am correct then I will be making sure they are seperated. As far as the cords from the controller to the lights they are all zip tied together as they make there way to the controllers. Don- I have run the Verifier and it only comes up with channels off error. I have several chanels that I'm not using so that is normal as far as I know. However I will be checking the background effects....didnt even think of that.... Jeff, Dennis and Jim- Will be checking the CAT5 cabels tonight... Again thanks for all the input and will keep you posted... Steve
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