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    Believe it or not I purchase SPT2 from Home Depot, Lowes, Menards and CLS and the Menards brand worked the best I purchased the C9 sockets (SPT2) from CLS & another vendor that I can't remember (All-American Christmas Something) and the CLS worked the best so far. I space them every 10' and run them wherever I need.
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    I have 75 CLS strobes (3-4 flash per second) and they worked just fine last year. JJ - you asked about 10 on one channel - actually I had 32 on one channel last year was my max and had no problems. Last year I had them upright on the ground in snow, hanging from tree's, mounted horizontally on 2x4's in the air and hanging 3' off the ground - zero problems with moisture. I have never purchased any other brand so I can't give you an opinion on those!
  3. JB actually the 4.5" spacing will look great with the smaller front yard. When my C9's move or chase at any speed they look really good, the only draw back is when I turn one color on at a time - it's not so bright - spacing is too far then. I used to have the 12" spacing with three colors which came out to be a bulb every 4" - very bright but used a lot of power. Good Luck!
  4. JB I made 4 channel C9 stringers, i used 36" spacing c9 sockets so there was a bulb every 9" - I lined my sidewalks and rooflines and when fast sequences came up - it look great. I used to use standard 12" spacing and I had a total of 675 C9's and the power draw was huge but very bright. I downsized a little and the effect is still there. Bill
  5. I have used these sequences already this year during tests - so I know they work meaning: I schedule (8) songs sequenced for a show and then another (14) for static until the next sequenced show begins that is a full 60 minutes total and it loops itself. Another test? Do you mean schedule another 8 minute show then take out card and re-install card to see if the next show starts? OR Schedule 1st show at 8:30-8:38 and 2nd show at 8:38-8:45 insert card at 8:37 to see if show starts at 8:38? Bill
  6. The test was unsuccessful, after the two songs at 8:38 it shuts off and blinks like it is waiting for next show to start but doesn't I guess a question for Light-o-rama Tech Support? Thanks, Bill
  7. I'm running another test now with show times of: 8:30-8:38 - show01 8:38-8:44 - show03 8:44-8:53 - show05 I will let you know
  8. I tested tonite and here is how I did it: I scheduled first show01 to run from 7:00-7:15 with approx. 18 minutes of music, then show02 run from 7:15-7:40 with approx. 24 minutes of music, then show03 run from 7:40-7:45 with 6 minutes of music It ran show01 on time and good and when the last song finished it shut off and the led were like this: Solid red, Blinking orange and solid green & 1602 led was solid red Thanks, Bill P.S. - i scheduled everything through the hardware utility MP3 tab
  9. I will test it out tonite and let you know - thanks for your help
  10. Does the Hardware utility allow me to set the times for show01? and show02 differently?
  11. I have the MP31602 Controller and here is my question: I run shows from 6:00 to 9:00 pm every night, the show consists of 41 minutes of static with music and a 19 minutes of a musical light show which equals one hour. The show loops itself three times until 9:00 pm, at that point I would like a second show to start and just run static lights with music until 10:00 or 10:30 pm. Is there a way to schedule it this way with two different shows? Thanks for your help
  12. Guys - silly question - I forgot how to upgrade firmware in controllers- is there a how to in this forum. Thanks for the help - I will write it down this time
  13. Let us know if it doesn't work with the modified MP3 file - I have the MP31602 controller which is approx. 4 years old and I made myself a cheat sheet on how to convert and write to the sd card. I can email it too you to go over your steps - I use it every year to program my shows and changes because I have a short memory.
  14. did they get the card originally with the MP31602 or did they buy an aftermarket. I received one originally and bought one aftermarket but the aftermarkets are touchy Bill
  15. I have an MP31602 Controller - can I upgrade it to 40 amps like my other 1602's? I have upgraded all of my other 1602's from 30 to 40 amps by changing the fuses and power cords to 12 awg. I have looked inside the unit and the fuses are no in the board, they are mounted on the mp3 front panel. I just want to make sure I can put the fuses in the front panel and change the power cords to 12 guage. Thanks, Bill
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