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  1. Thanks for all the replies everyone!! I'm not rich but I hate wasting money on cheap products and issues later. I'd rather spend a little more on this type of stuff.
  2. What size electrical panel do most people have? Do you have dedicated 30amp circuits for each controller? I am planning on in the near future to power 8 controllers and I am wondering how i should deal with providing power for these.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Do you have any suggestions as to the actual make and model of soldering pencils? THere are just so many out there to choose from.
  4. I need suggestions on make and models of soldering irons and any other tools I should have to do the job right. Thanks! Kian
  5. I am new and looking into starting to do my own LOR light shows. I have some experience years ago soldering but nothing precision like a circuit board. I am drawn to the idea of putting together my own controllers by purchasing the kits from LOR. What would you suggest? I have read many peoples ideas about practicing on cheap boards from Radio Shack and such, but i have not read anyone with their opinion whether a newbie should even attempt this or not. If I am to brave it and put my first controller together I want to get good equipment not cheap stuff. What soldering iron would you suggest? Make and Model? What tools would you suggest I get? Since LOR has an awesome help desk and guarantee with the option to build your own I am seriously tempted. Thanks for your honest opinion in advance! Kian
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