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  1. Controllers are sold, but i still have the arch sleeves with LEDs and the FM transmitter. I also have (2) pre-built wire harnesses I made for the arches. They are made from SPT wire with male and female vampire plugs. The harnesses are around 100' feet each. So that's around 100' for each segment times 14 segments. With the price of a 1000' roll being over $150 and with over 1000' of wire here with plugs, I was thinking $125+ shipping.
  2. I am moving and forced to get rid of my display. I have the following for items for sale: (2) CTB16PCG3 Controllers $200(ea)+shipping (1) Rangestar FS CZH-05B $60+shipping (2) Arches made of (7) sleeves on each arch for a total of 14 sleeves. The colors are (7)blue and (7)white. I figured I could sell the light wrapped sleeves and someone could slide them onto a long pvc pipe instead of trying to ship my 10' long pipes. Each sleeve is wrapped with 100 ct LED lights. Not sure what to ask for these. So if anyone has any guidance on this please let me know. Otherwise let's just go with best offer plus shipping. Aron (316)993-7818
  3. Would love a copy as well amcmac@hotmail.com Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  4. would like a copy if anyone is sharing, thanks. amcmac@hotmail.com
  5. James, would you mind sending it to me again. Also, if you would send your Light 'em up sequence too, it would be much appreciated. Thank you again and sorry for the troubles. amcmac@hotmail.com
  6. Wow, I can't I forgot the email address. Sorry James, if you could send this one and the other requests from the other posts to amcmac@hotmail.com that would be great. Thanks again.
  7. would love a copy as well, thanks james
  8. would love copies as well amcmac@hotmail.com
  9. May I please have a copy amcmac@hotmail.com
  10. i'll take a copy if you're still sharing. thank you amcmac@hotmail.com
  11. Would love a copy as well amcmac@hotmail.com
  12. James, I'll take anything you are willing to share. I've always enjoyed your sequences. Thank you. amcmac@hotmail.com
  13. Would love a copy as well amcmac@hotmail.com
  14. Sent you an email Sarge. Thanks again. amcmac@hotmail.com
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