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  1. Hello, A few years ago I created a sequence with 41 channels. All has been well until water got in the box and ruined the controllers. I ordered new ones and went to my laptop to reload the sequence and ran into a problem. I had a computer crash between the time I loaded it the first time and now and I have lost the .las file. I do have a .lsv file but that wont load into the sequencer. That also wont show in the show builder. Am I screwed and will have to redo the sequence or is there something I can do with the .lsv file to make it work?
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    LAS file type question/ problem

    Thanks for the reply. Kind of figured that was the case. At least it wasnt to music so that makes it easier. Its just a sign.
  3. Hello, I have owned both boards. The 32-L and the 32-LD. The LD board is stand alone and does not require the show director to store the sequence as where the 32-L does. My question is I am needing to make a 44 channel sign and want to know if the LD version can use 3 boards in series for essentially 48 channels. I noticed on the description of the LD boards it says expandable to 32 channels with daughter boards but are unavailable. Want to make sure you can just link 3 of them together and not need to go with the L board and use a show director. Thanks in Advance. Wes
  4. Hello, I am looking to get into the RGB world in a unique way but am confused a little. I have used and programmed the regular 16 channel boards for strings of lights with ease. Here is what I am looking to do and would like some experienced opinions on the best way of doing it. First off let me start off by saying I am a manager of a amusement company and we are looking to make a RGB circle sign. Imagine a giant ferris wheel with a 82" round sign in the middle of it. We want to use this circle as a sign for special effects and advertising. I know there will be LOTS of programming involved. This way we can advertise our company name and also the fair and festival that we are at. Because the sign is round would the cosmic ribbons work because if you ran the ribbons vertical or horizontal the edge ribbons would be very small and have to get progressively larger then back to smaller to create a circle. going square would not work in this instance. Or would it be better since its round to use the individual pixel bulbs? After that this is where i start to get confused on the channels and etc. Lets just say i use the pixel bulbs. They are sold in strings of 100 with a controller. and lets for conversation sake say that the sign would require 800 pixels to look right in our application to keep the pixels closer for a more smooth look. Do the controllers for each 100 link together? How many "channels" would that be? Is a controller for the 100 pixels 100 channels? I am clueless and was hoping someone could help me to understand how this works or point me in the right direction for learning how we can make this work. There is a company that is selling a sign for our specific application just like I have described but the cost is $23,000.00 This is alittle expensive and I think I can do this ALOT cheaper. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you on this. Wes
  5. ok....alot to take in and alot to read up on! Thanks so far...I think.
  6. I have a box built with 2 G1 controllers in it and I use the mini director to run the show and a cat5 linking the 2 controllers. Obviously one is Unit1 and the other is Unit2. I would like to eliminate the mini director since the G3 can run stand alone. How do I take my sequence from the SD card and transfer it to the G3 controllers. I know how to load the sequence from the hardware utility but do you load the sequence into Unit1 and obviously link the 2 controllers with cat5 cable? Or do you have to split the sequence up and load unit1 channels to it and unit2 into it? Common sense tells me that you load the sequence into Unit1 and it will do its thing but I wanted to check and make sure. Thanks!
  7. Ok....I just realized I may have a dilemma. My laptop that had the sequence got destroyed last year and nothing got saved. Is there anyway to get the sequence off the SD card file? Or do I just go back to plugging in the mini director? I really wanted to eliminate it this go around. And my sequences are just lights....no music. They are actually for a 32 channel sign basically.
  8. I have a BRAND NEW - NEVER USED DIO32 Main Board forsale. $130.00 Also have (2) DIO16AC Daughter Boards For Sale. $120.00 Also have 4 or 5 6 inch ribbon cables I can throw in with the package Buy all 3 as a package for $350 $10 shipping unless bought a a package then I will cover shipping. These have been opened and looked at but never had power put to them. I changed my plans on what I wanted to do and have no need for them. I can be emailed directly at wsparks (at) namidway (dot) com or 847-323-8272 If I dont answer leave a message. Thanks Wes
  9. Back to the top......... make a offer
  10. Surely someone needs these!
  11. Make a offer if you would like.
  12. Hello all, I have 2 boards that I use a mini director with to control a sign. The musical sequence is 15 minutes long and I want it to just loop back to the beginning. As it is now when the show ends a few of my channels just remain on and it takes like 4 minutes for the show to start again. Is there a way to get rid of this delay before it plays again. I need it to be fast at restarting. Thanks Wes
  13. Well unfortunately I reformatted the card and reloaded it with the same results. My mp3 is 15.02 minutes long and the lighting sequence is the exact same amount to time. Any other thoughts? Or am I missing something.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them today to see what happens and let you know.
  15. Well I have been building a sign basically with LED's and have been relying on the fact that it will be ran by the stand alone Mini director. I just need the "show" if you will to run as soon as the power is turned on at dark. Well after alot of time programming the sequence I tried to use simple show builder to load the show onto the SD card only to find out that my "show" has 5 tracks and it will only let a single track show be loaded onto the card!!!!!! I need the 5 tracks for looping different channels seperate from others but I also need it all to run stand alone!!! Just when I thought I had it all whipped and done I run into this........... Any suggestions on how to make this work?? Is there a work around?
  16. So basically since I am not using musical tracks that is why it isnt working. All I have is a light sequence. Or am I wrong?
  17. Ok....tried to use the hardware utility and it says the same thing....5 tracks wont load to the card.
  18. Hello, This is my first post and I have a question regarding looping of channels. Kind of hard to explain but I will try my best. Lets say I have 1 controller (16 channels). Channels 1-5 are doing there thing and a loop is set from the beginning till the 10 second mark. Now on channels 6-16 I need a loop that starts at the 5 second mark and loops to the 8 second mark. BUT I dont want the loop to affect what the show is doing on channels 1-5. Is this possible? I cant seem to figure out how to make that work if it is. Yes I can put in multiple loops but they always affect every channel. Just curious if you can have a loop that only affects certain channels. Thanks guys. Wes
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    Using loops Question

    That is correct in that it is just a animation sequence. No music.