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  1. That link is to the music video.. That audio track has some extra "effects" in it, I would recommend the normal version on the album. First song on here, And I'll pay for your copy of the song... https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bpb2ns6ln6r5byi6j7ogjsyflbm&tid=song-Tedvdhwr3ajr5e4k72ne2nq77u4&rdot=1&rdid=song-Tedvdhwr3ajr5e4k72ne2nq77u4&partner=ytctb
  2. While you are still looking at Halloween I think that a few of few of us would really like Radioactive - Imagine Dragons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktvTqknDobU I think it has a really Halloweeny feel and it was in the top 5 for several weeks this Summer. My display this year has so many pixels that I've been working with I haven't been able to work with my singing faces, I would definitely share the light sequence with you if you would consider this song. Thanks!!
  3. I was the someone else, but we ended up getting Pros with cat5 already on them from another user.. (now lets see if the other user catches on to the thread lol)
  4. Or just move to a facebook group.. ;D
  5. Really sad that 3.5 didn't bring CCB improvements or DIY RGB pixel improvements..
  6. Ask your local farmers for old seed signs.. Just use the side that isn't printed on?
  7. They have been very good with all problems I have ever had. Better English and faster shipping... I wish they would start selling pixels
  8. Orville wrote: Been doing this way from day 1 of getting my DC-MP3 Director{January 2010} to connect to my first controller I bought used {December 2009}, then ended up buying 4 more within a few weeks {February 2010}. I have my workroom set up with the elements, anout 70-80% of them I'll use in my display outside, helps me to get a better visual of what the lights will actually do as the animation is okay, but it just never satisfied me enough to know for sure how the lights/LED's and Blowmold lights would actually react to the sequence. Just did "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People by popular request from the neighborhood kids and uploaded a rough video, if you search for: Pumped Up Kicks, you'll find my video as well as 2 sequences of the song for download here on the forums. I believe it is in the Halloween area of the forums. Here's where the video can be found on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/groups/109696/videos/40673980 Can you tell me more or refer me to somewhere to learn more about your arches? Look awesome!
  9. Tracy West wrote: You're almost over 1.5mil! Keep up the great sequencing guys!
  10. I love my 1st pumpkin face so much I'm going to have to make another, I'm going to try out green rope light.
  11. Steven wrote: This is a bit off-topic, but this strip, sold on eBay for $24.49 by trustpick, is the exact same strip as the one you posted on Amazon for $32.99 by Sunvalleytek. In fact, trustpick is a distributor for Sunvalleytek, which I learned when I visited their warehouse last week to pick up the strip I ordered. With best offer I got TrustPick to reduce price to 23$. It's a great strip.
  12. SteveMaris wrote: Lol, anyways, no really, Holiday Coro is awesome, have a problem and they fix it.
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