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  1. Well after opening the back it looks like water got in there at some point. The board is all corroded and no lights come on. I think it’s toast. ☹️
  2. I have the same problem. And all the other controllers both upstream and downstream are working fine. Please help.
  3. The leaping arches are 6803 strip controlled by a sandevices E681
  4. For the Candy Canes. I used one inch metal conduit, bent it to shape, wrapped it with red and white mini lights, and covered with clear dryer-vent ducting. To keep them standing, I drove some pipe into the ground 2-3 feet deep with a fence post pounder, and insert the base of the candy cane. They stand about 12 feet tall.
  5. I need to learn how to embed a video.
  6. Mitch and Randy - 2012 - Disneyland - Believe in the Holiday Magic from Mitch Silvester on Vimeo. Our Christmas Light Show for 2012. We animate our christmass lights with 64 Light-O-Rama Channels, 1 universe of DMX, and 3 universes of pixels with an E681.
  7. This is our third season with animated lights, and the first year for RGB and Pixels. Enjoy! <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/56035911" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
  8. Thats it! I just ordered some singing trees. I can't live without them! Great, Great job by the way!
  9. So there is a large parking lot across the street from my display. I have a donation box setup over there, and I want to run some 12 volt lights so people can see it. Since there is no way to get power over there, I'm going to use a car battery or a jump pack. Then use an $8 DMX module cycling through test mode runing about 1 meter of RGB strip. I'll probably have to charge the battery every other day. Does any body know of a 12 volt timer that could work in a setup like this? I don't need it to run all day and night. Just during show times to conserve the battery. Has anyone tried using a simple AC timer on 12 volts? I didn't know if it would slow the clock in the timer, or if it would even work at all.
  10. E1.31 is connects directly to your ethernet card in your computer. You don't need any other controller to make an E681 or other E1.31 device work. Since you are using an MP3 director instead of a computer you will need an adapter that converts the LOR signal to E1.31. For your display an ELOR from Sandevices will convert the LOR signal from your MP3 director, and send E1.31 to the pixel driver. With my dispay it functions like 4 - idmx 1000's grouped together.
  11. I'll bet you could use a roll of 3/4 inch underground sprinkler tubing. It's like $15 for a 100' roll and it it could easily flex from a 20" diameter to a 40" daiameter an still be very stable and rigid. you could also use 1/2 inch drip system tubing. but it probably would not be self supporting with anything larger than a 30" diameter ball.
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