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  1. Turned mine on last night (Thanksgiving). Big turnout from a lot of the neighbors. Still have a few small bugs to work out, but everything was a hit last nite. I plan to run until a few days after New Year's Day.
  2. Go to your local feed & seed store, or home impovement store. They have some repellent you can put around your yard. I think it's fox urine. Don't know how well it works, but I will have to try this year. Last year they ate my wires too.
  3. Mkymouse99

    First Year

    last year was my first year with LOR and it was a blast. Thank goodness for not to many glitches. We also went to disney for a week during thanksgiving. I started the weekend after halloween with my 16 channels and was lucky to have it all ready the weekend after thanksgiving. You may want to start even earlier. All depending on the number of lights you put up. I had about 30,000 and I did everything all by my lonesome.
  4. Thank you! This seems to be working perfectly. Just what I was looking for!
  5. How do you get the playlist to load up automatically in media player. I can get the media player to run when I schedule it but don't know how to get the music to start playing on its own. Also, my show runs on the top of every hour, lasting 21 minutes, then steady on for the rest of the hour. Do you know how I can get the scheduler set so that the media player starts at 6:22- 7:00, 7:22- 8:00, etc. ?
  6. I need some help. I got my fm transmitter in today. Working just fine and broadcasting on 95.9 FM .. only problem.. I dont' know how to get my playlist of mp3s that I'm broadcasting to stop on its own whenever my LOR shows start. Any suggestions??
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