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  1. Thanks Jim !!! I would have bet a box of lights that you would be the one to answer first .. LOL .. We missed last year because of the weather... 70+ inches of rain from Sept to March !! .. YIKES ... So we are back ... Seems after setting up for 2 years .. almost EVERYTHING needed to be rebuilt, reworked or repaired .. 😞 .. Thanks again for the tip .. I'll make the update .. Bob
  2. Wow... it has been a long time since I have been to the forum ... Greetings to ALL !!! We added a suspended wreath to the display this year. It is not part of the animation or musical sequences however I would like to simply turn it on at the beginning of the show and leave it on until the end of the show. Would a simple 1 LOR channel sequence 1 minute of ON long placed in the BACKGROUND section of the Show editor do the trick? What I really didn't want is it to turn off and then back on with each restart in the background. Like I said .. it's been awhile ... Thanks for looking .. and the help Bob Moody
  3. Deoxit arrived... applied per instructions... waiting a few mins to connect the display elements up and test .. Thanks again for all the feedback... LOR users are the best !! Bob
  4. I pulled the trigger and ordered a can of Deoxit... It will be here tomorrow.. Thank you all for the feedback.. I appreciate it .. Bob
  5. Thank you for the info ... As these are only the connector cables, i don't have a lot to lose and had already prepared a 50% vinegar/water mix and letting them soak. Actually, they are starting to shiny up (funny way of saying the oxidation is letting go) ... I'll dip them in some baking soda and water and neutralize the acidic vinegar and stop by Harbor Freight or somewhere to see if I can find a small brass brush... If they deteriorate.. then... lessons learned .. Godney, I can't say I disagree with you and had I not jumped the gun I would probably preferred something like you recommended but ... at 10:00PM on a Saturday ... any kind of clothes fit a naked man .. Appreciate the feedback .. Bob
  6. We were not able to put up our display last year (65+ inches of rain ...) So....In the interest of curbing surprises, I'm pulling everything out and testing . Lo and behold... 1st test out of the box was 8 CoroCanes.. and... as you may have guessed, the first problem. It seems that Cane 1 and 2 look great, but 3 through 8 start to change colors. I have the initial power injection, then 2 other injection points. I have used these for several years so I'm fairly sure the power issue was resolved. However, I'm working on the theory that pin connectors (male and female) have had time (2 years) to accumulate a little corrosion and this is impeding power. So with all that said... I'm hoping someone might have a good home remedy to clean the pins and sockets. I have done a little research and found everything from vinegar to brake fluid. I'm pretty sure that brake fluid would reduce the plastic shell to a puddle of mush .. so ..no... Open to any and all... On another note, its been a while since I have been to the forum .... Hello to all my old friends ... sorry to be away so long ... and Hello... I'm Bob ... been with LOR since S1 (about 16 years now) .. to all those that I have yet to meet ... Bob Moody - Huntsville TX
  7. Glad it worked for you. As I said if you want to convert those to RGB, its just one more click. Futuretechguy.... Appreciate the option. Looks like it takes a lot of real estate to load though. I usually jump on options to beta test new stuff, but for now.. I'll have to pass .. sorry... Bob
  8. Yes .... I am assuming that both nics are not on the same network... If you run Unicast, then you can specify the address to your controller. Only the traffic on that network will go out on that nic. if you are using multicast, it will broadcast across both nics. However, you can add a static route that will contain the multicast traffic to the nic you are using for E1.31 traffic ... route -p add mask <ip of correct pc interface to use> metric 5 The "p" in the route command will make this a persistant route meaning you dont have to set it everytime you boot. I use the static route because I have the show nic and a Wifi connection to the house router (it updates the web page when the show starts) . Bob
  9. +1 to Phil and +1 to Dennis. Just to expand... look in the RJ45 jack on the controller. Are all 8 pins there and parallel ? Sometimes one of the fingers will lift out of the slot and slip over .. you can usually fix this with a careful toothpick. Had a similar problem and it was a downstream cable. verify that all you cables are good .. my 3rd controller wouldnt work and it was the cable between the 1st and 2nd .... go figure .. thought I would never find it .. Also .. make sure you try Phil's suggestion and switch connectors. Either RJ45 will work... if its the last controller then your okay.. if there is another behind it, you might have swap them around to make the one with the bad connector the last in the chain. Bob
  10. It's never to late. LOR is outstanding when it comes to stuff like this. They have done the EXACT same thing for me and I have had some of my controllers since 2005. Open a service ticket or give them a call.. both take only a minute and both are free (service ticket and/or call) Worse comes to worse ..they can tell you exactly what to get and from where .. Bob
  11. Is your CCR tree programmed in SuperStar? If so, then you can open the sequence (assuming S4), go to EXPORT, Export in Legacy Mode and UNCHECK the Include Macro Channels for Cosmic Color Devices. If not Superstar, then you can manually remove the macro channels (7 channels * 12 ribbons = 84 macro channel deletes.) Of if you have the CCR tree sequence isolated. I have a program that wrote a couple of years ago for doing just that. I gave to Dave (the pixel tree sequencing God!!) and he used it to provide both CCR and Pixel based version. It reads the file and exports it with the macro channels deleted. Its actually a pretty easy conversion to get from CCR to Pixel based.... Ashame though .. You have a lot of $$$ in the CCR's Bob
  12. I will assume you adding 96 single function channels -- channel 145 thru 240 ? Right click on an existing channel (for this explanation I created an animation sequence with 1 channel) Mouse over INSERT DEVICE then click INSERT DEVICE BELOW. Configure the device with a NAME, DEVICE (DMX Universe), Universe # Click the Radio button for CHANNLES then click the drop down box. You asked for 96 channels starting at 145 --- Select 240 in the drop down box To make it easy to pare it down.... Right click the 1st DMX channel and click on "CONVERT TO GROUP" Select the 1st channel for the First is Group Box. Select channel 144 as the Last in Group Click Create Group Right Click the Group you just created Click on DELETE CHANNEL GROUP LIST (and confirm) What yo are left with is 96 channels starting at Channel 145 and ending at channel 240 You can now Group them, or convert them to 32 RGB channels ... Hope this helps ... Bob I was typing this as I was doing it .. I HOPE I didn't miss a step or miscount ...
  13. <invisible text> </invisible text> Glad you got it working ... Kudos to Jim and Mr. P good catch guys !! Bob
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