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  1. SPaschall

    Channel Configurations

    It does have it, at the top left look under sequence, go to the bottom where it says grid configuration, there you can export your channel configuration then import it to the next sequence. SPaschall
  2. SPaschall

    View a Sequence

    You will have to upgrade to pro to use PE. SPaschall
  3. SPaschall

    New to LOR and pixels

    Another way that we do it is to use a .WAV file for sequencing then use the mp3 at the 128 bit rate for your show.You will never have issues with the .WAV file jumping around during sequencing. SPaschall
  4. SPaschall

    Spiral mega-tree in Preview?

    Where are you located in Franklin? My daughter lives there. Would like to visit your display SPaschall
  5. SPaschall

    Spiral mega-tree in Preview?

    Just out of curiosity, why would you want to create a spiral tree with pixels? You can achieve the effect with the spiral effect and have the tree with 16 strands straight down? SPaschall
  6. Did you recreate the playback files to save the changes in it also? Or are you experiencing this in the preview window also? SPaschall
  7. If the problem is still there you can always skew the time, that is still a large time to try and skew but should be possible if the software will allow such a large time differential. Hope it works Shelley SPaschall
  8. Use the paste by time feature, 15 seconds is a long time from a programming state. Is this a purchased sequence being added to an existing sequence? SPaschall
  9. SPaschall

    Not Controlling Lights

    Close it down, open the control panel, open PE then make sure control lights is checked. SPaschall
  10. SPaschall

    S5 beta & DMX

    If you are in Demo it will only allow setup of LOR channels in the prop definition. To enable DMX you will need to upgrade and get the pro software. SPaschall
  11. I am now able to run both on the same desktop, I downloaded S5 to my laptop, then I put the S5's LORSequenceEditor.exe file on a thumbdrive, I then inserted it into the S4 program file folder below my S4 .exe on my desktop. Both are working just fine, I can open both at the same time from desktop shortcuts, and all my files are intact that I have done in S4. SPaschall
  12. Matt, could you explain in detail what would cause it to make it unstable? So far it has been really good. SPaschall
  13. SPaschall

    Channel names

    I am assuming he grouped them together in S4 SPaschall
  14. SPaschall

    No way to chase across 8 arches

    If you have your arches grouped can you move the motion effect row to the bottom of the group and name it arch 1 so you know what it is? Or if you don't need the motion row, right click and remove the motion row. SPaschall
  15. SPaschall

    Use preview

    That is true I usually have several groups whether horizontal or vertical because the effects behave differently with different stacks. Glad it is working for you. SPaschall Sent from my SM-S907VL using Tapatalk
  16. SPaschall

    Use preview

    The use preview allows you to do sweeps left to right up or down based on where the props are located in the preview. So if you want to do a curtain effect from left to right it easily does it without having to manually put them in position like you would have to in SE. SPaschall Sent from my SM-S907VL using Tapatalk
  17. SPaschall

    Motion Effect Rows

    Has anyone played with the x,y,z capabilities of the motion rows yet? SPaschall
  18. Glad you got it resolved! SPaschall
  19. Try this if you can since I don't know how much you know about your software. Create a new musical sequence with the audio file from the programmed sequence. When creating the sequence use the .lcc file for your 16 channel setup. Once the grid is created open the other sequence, don't close the new sequence. Now if you know how to copy/paste copy a few channels from the pre sequenced grid and copy them into your newly made sequence. You should see the parts moving in your animation window. Hope this helps. SPaschall
  20. Are you trying to use the Visualizer or the animation window? SPaschall
  21. We always have one Elvis and one TSO song each year. My favorites are big band style songs from Brian Setzer or Denver and the Mile high Orchestra. It is really complex and the possibilities with the programming is endless. SPaschall
  22. SPaschall

    Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Wow, I've been doing this since 2004 and I'm only 49. Still one of the youngest on here. Keep on lighting them up guys! SPaschall
  23. SPaschall

    LOR Newbie / Pixel Editor W/ Pixie 8

    Lots of great people in this forum, either way whether you go SS or PE you are looking at a little additional cost. here is a video I created so you can get a feel for the Pixel Editor. Things will change hopefully soon with the S5 software but this will get you going.I have two more videos on my video page if you care to look at them. Enjoy, SPaschall
  24. SPaschall

    S5 release

    Right now it is still in alpha stage but a lot of progress has been made. Hopefully we all will see a beta version soon. SPaschall Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk
  25. What Whitebuck said is correct. Another way to combat it is to do all of your programming with a wav file then switch to the mp3 when you get ready to run your show. SPaschall Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk