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  1. Sandmann

    network check

    I have the same problem with the ccc. Please tell me if you solvef the problem.
  2. Ok Light are working, but the CCC II / Pixie won´t run. Items cannot be played because they are on an network that is not enhanced. Prop: CCC04.Port 01 (50x1) Prop: CCC04.Port 02 (50x1) Prop: CCC06.Port 01 (50x1) Prop: CCC06.Port 02 (50x1) Every Controller is on the regular LOR network. @ HU everithing works. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, I´ve updated S4 to S5. After a few tries, i had my old preview on it. Today i start a try with complete setup. Hardware-utility running without problems. All lights can be controlled. If i started playind the sequenze, nothing happens... all lights stay dark. I allready checked networksetting / unit ID / circuits ect.. What am I doing wrong? Prop Definition for example : Name: Spot 1 Dimming curve: none Type: channel per color/white Shape: Bulbs #1 LOR: max16 Enter channel on first row 1: Regular / 03 / 9 / 9 / white Thx for your suggestions and advice.
  4. Hi James would you sent me a copy soffty@gmx.de
  5. For the Fire i use use 2 Flamejets controlled by Smart DMX Interface - iDMX1000
  6. First song of the show Red Bone - Come and get your love An the middle one
  7. Here is the final song of our midnightspecial on Halloweennight 2015 Kiss - Detroit Rock City Every year i start a show (incl. 3 Songs) in our backyard. The show is only for our friends celebrating the Halloweenparty in our house. Much work for just a few minutes fun, but all of them loves it including mee and my wife This year is the first time we run a show for the kids in our city. (Monster Mash, Let it go (german version) and another german halloweensong) In Austria is Halloween not so famous like in the USA, but because of our show and the completly housedekoration, it becomes more and more. (at least in our place) I hope you enjoy the song, and leave a comment good or criticism.
  8. Great mysterious setup. I like it because it is not too colorful. Thumbs up !!!
  9. Could I get a copy to please? soffty@gmx.de I maked a sequence from Cooper ´s Go to hell
  10. A song from a german band called "The BossHoss". Have fun while watching it.
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