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  1. took, 1 long day, thanks to Papagayo. anyone looking to do mouth movements need to look into this FREE software! Thanks also to Bob for his supporting free software to translate the "language" into LOR sequencing.
  2. thanks! i'm not sure why only the upper is turning off/on. i will check that. Thanks for all the suggestions! :09 definitely needs to be fixed
  3. i think sticking one 50 light string is the easiest and only use one channel. 50 lights= 50 states...?
  4. i should have said "cloth" flag or similar material... sorry. i am going to do it. i am going to do it, i'll let you know if i get any complaints or compliments for it...
  5. I've asked all my Facebook friends to comment and it seems like only military answered my question and their reply was the same. This is not a real flag and "rules" do not apply and they encouraged it.
  6. i thought about it "own my own". i know you aren't supposed to let the flag TOUCH the ground, but thought this may be different since it's not a "real" flag, but wasn't sure so was asking. I did not see it n the news, but I am glad I asked. Probably skip it as I have no more vertical space I can use for my show.
  7. I'm way behind on my 4th of July show and thought of putting a "flag" on my lawn. Basically a handful of colored strings to simulate the "stripes" of the flag. Is this disrespectful since you aren't supposed to let the flag touch the ground?!
  8. anybody have any of the following? i am willing to trade my face animations for katy perry/firework and black eye peas/i gotta feeling... America the beautiful America (my country tis of thee) Star Spangled Banner Yankee Doodle You're a Grand Old flag
  9. im hoping to go live june 23...like you said. we'll see...
  10. since youtube sucks for long videos (can't get video to stay synced on youtube. it's fine on the PC)here's a short teaser...
  11. so, taking into consideration 150' for the 3 small ones @ 5' square = ~50ft each. great, thanks for the info!
  12. i'm on a corner and people watch from 4-5 houses away. another reason i wanted LED was because all my other lights (mostly) are LED i have very few lights that are not LED... Jerry, how much footage ropelight did you use for your faces?
  13. sorry, i was unclear. i am going to be making my own...
  14. i'm adding the monster quartet to my lightshow this year. almost all my other lights are LED. I know LED ropelight(every meter IIRC) can't be cut every 18" like incans can. Knowing how they are setup would you recommend or dissuade use of LED ropelight? i really dont mind taping up extra even though it "goes to waste". i'd rather have brighter lights. just wondering if someone/anyone has opinion on this...
  15. shimmering Xmas lights, great idea! sorry I'm stealing it... pics please...?
  16. well, i can't take all the credit. I have to give a HUGE THANKS to Bob (ITsMeBobO) for finding and expanding on the free Papagayo software. If you havent tried it, it might be something to look into. It does take a lot of time, believe me. But after much trial and error of learning the software programs (along with Bob software tool, which he provides for FREE!) sequencing faces will now be SO much easier. here are some links to get you started, http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=32604&forum_id=81&highlight=papagayo http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=26663&forum_id=81&highlight=papagayo http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=32408&forum_id=81&highlight=papagayo
  17. and is this tubing "cut to length" so i can make my own lengths?
  18. so for the 5050 rgb led strips is it 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm?
  19. ok i was planning on gettingsome rgb strips, IP68, yada yada.. but with the weatherproof/silicone tubing. how do you guys install this on the house/wall/wood, etc? are there some brackets or clamps that hold the tubing in place? a description, links and/or photos would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
  20. sorry, but why go DC vs AC? it just seems easier to me to stick with AC (in the US anyway)...
  21. wasnt sure where to post, sorry. i'm looking just for the tubing, NOT THE LED STRIPS. I thought Ray Wu had them but can't find them on his store. anyone here can help?
  22. for Xmas, i had 30 minute show loops. was wondering: how long are your shows? do you play regular musical sequences besides patriotic stuff?
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