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  1. with the 2 machines running 4-6 hrs/night, about a 5 second burst every 15 seconds (but not all songs) i go through about 1-2 gallons/night. with the recipe, it costs about $2/gallon to make.
  2. I highly recommend them! You can control the duration of the snow blast, as well as the interval between blasts. check here for my home made container so I don't have to refill very often. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/30371-american-dj-snow-flurry-machines/
  3. I tried using the included (quart) bottles and found them to be too small. I made my own 3 gallon containers and placed them on the roof. Paying $25/ gallon for Snow Juice was also out of the question so I make my own solution after searching the internet for the recipe!
  4. If the sequence ever becomes available id like a copy also please.
  5. If the sequence ever becomes available id like a copy also please.
  6. i have been doing RGB/ LOR controllers for several years. Now I want to get into pixels. I've been told to get a Sandevice E682 and some WS2811 strips and/or pixel nodes. Where do I go to learn how to : -hook up everything up -program -have LOR talk to E682 maybe I'm alreaduy in over my head but pixels look so DAMN COOL!
  7. i know its past halloween, but ill take a copy please. dito@gotbluemilk.com
  8. found it...http://www.dfcco.com/afl-telecommunications-cg-1500/
  9. i forgot where i bought my cg-1500. i think it was some hardware store in texas , where are you guys buying them? i thought maybe like $13/ea.
  10. you own a copy of the music, you don't own the music. otherwise you would be getting paid whenever it plays on the radio.
  11. I have asked the band permission to use the audio for the song, but havent heard back from them yet, so the video is "unlisted". I'm NOT a metal enthusiast, but I thought it would be funny to sync my lightshow to it. This was recorded with the original version by PSY and I just dubbed the audio in afterwards.
  12. can i get a copy PLEASE!!! dito@gotbluemilk.com
  13. just sent you an email, looking for audio file please, thanks! dito@gotbluemilk.com
  14. I have a Jewish friend that wants a song in my display. Can anyone donate a Jewish song? I would post on youtube as well.
  15. I have a Jewish friend and he wants a Hanukkah song. I told him I'd look for one... Anyone have one they can spare?
  16. i just caught someone on video running over my sign the other day. called the cops. same result, kids being stupid.
  17. Definitely going to be two trees next time! thanks for the comments!
  18. i'll try and get some video this week. i wish i had gotten some video before the spirals. i guess i can always do some after i remove them and compare the two for next season (4th July). George, I was thinking the same thing, two trees, I think will be the best option.
  19. my first year doing an RGB mega tree. i wanted to put up the show quick so i put the RGB first. Today, (several weeks after putting up RGB strips) I put up the spiral lights OVER hte RGB strips. It looks messy. I think next year I need to do RGB strips OVER the spirals. Am even contemplating taking them off for the rest of this year. They (spirals) look good alone, but they create some dead spots on the RGB strips... 8( Do you have your spirals OVER or UNDER your RGB Mega tree strips?
  20. i've had a friend wrap his extension cords in aluminim foil, he says it works...
  21. me too plsease! dito@gotbluemilk.com
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