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  1. with the 2 machines running 4-6 hrs/night, about a 5 second burst every 15 seconds (but not all songs) i go through about 1-2 gallons/night. with the recipe, it costs about $2/gallon to make.
  2. I highly recommend them! You can control the duration of the snow blast, as well as the interval between blasts. check here for my home made container so I don't have to refill very often. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/30371-american-dj-snow-flurry-machines/
  3. I tried using the included (quart) bottles and found them to be too small. I made my own 3 gallon containers and placed them on the roof. Paying $25/ gallon for Snow Juice was also out of the question so I make my own solution after searching the internet for the recipe!
  4. If the sequence ever becomes available id like a copy also please.
  5. If the sequence ever becomes available id like a copy also please.
  6. i have been doing RGB/ LOR controllers for several years. Now I want to get into pixels. I've been told to get a Sandevice E682 and some WS2811 strips and/or pixel nodes. Where do I go to learn how to : -hook up everything up -program -have LOR talk to E682 maybe I'm alreaduy in over my head but pixels look so DAMN COOL!
  7. i know its past halloween, but ill take a copy please. dito@gotbluemilk.com
  8. found it...http://www.dfcco.com/afl-telecommunications-cg-1500/
  9. i forgot where i bought my cg-1500. i think it was some hardware store in texas , where are you guys buying them? i thought maybe like $13/ea.
  10. you own a copy of the music, you don't own the music. otherwise you would be getting paid whenever it plays on the radio.
  11. I have asked the band permission to use the audio for the song, but havent heard back from them yet, so the video is "unlisted". I'm NOT a metal enthusiast, but I thought it would be funny to sync my lightshow to it. This was recorded with the original version by PSY and I just dubbed the audio in afterwards.
  12. can i get a copy PLEASE!!! dito@gotbluemilk.com
  13. just sent you an email, looking for audio file please, thanks! dito@gotbluemilk.com
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