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  1. with the 2 machines running 4-6 hrs/night, about a 5 second burst every 15 seconds (but not all songs) i go through about 1-2 gallons/night. with the recipe, it costs about $2/gallon to make.
  2. dito

    American DJ Snow Machines

    I highly recommend them! You can control the duration of the snow blast, as well as the interval between blasts. check here for my home made container so I don't have to refill very often. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/30371-american-dj-snow-flurry-machines/
  3. I tried using the included (quart) bottles and found them to be too small. I made my own 3 gallon containers and placed them on the roof. Paying $25/ gallon for Snow Juice was also out of the question so I make my own solution after searching the internet for the recipe!
  4. dito

    12 CCR Tree sequence to Brenda Lee

    If the sequence ever becomes available id like a copy also please.
  5. dito

    12 CCR Tree sequence to Brenda Lee

    If the sequence ever becomes available id like a copy also please.
  6. i have been doing RGB/ LOR controllers for several years. Now I want to get into pixels. I've been told to get a Sandevice E682 and some WS2811 strips and/or pixel nodes. Where do I go to learn how to : -hook up everything up -program -have LOR talk to E682 maybe I'm alreaduy in over my head but pixels look so DAMN COOL!
  7. dito

    halloween dubstep mix 2013

    i know its past halloween, but ill take a copy please. dito@gotbluemilk.com
  8. i'll take any chanel sequnce for dubstep. please email to:dito@gotbluemilk.com
  9. dito

    Enclosure for CCP Controller

    found it...http://www.dfcco.com/afl-telecommunications-cg-1500/
  10. dito

    Enclosure for CCP Controller

    i forgot where i bought my cg-1500. i think it was some hardware store in texas , where are you guys buying them? i thought maybe like $13/ea.
  11. dito

    Sacramento meeting for NOV.

    awesome, except i saw this Fri Nov 15 at midnight... is there going to be another meet?
  12. dito

    fm transmitter and legality

    you own a copy of the music, you don't own the music. otherwise you would be getting paid whenever it plays on the radio.
  13. dito

    has anyone used the "LED Magician"?

    was thinking more in the line of not using up LOR channels for something that would need a chase or other set sequence every time it got turned on. I was actually looking for a chase LED for my pinball machine. making a custom backbox so the LOR wouldnt fit, nor would i want to use LOR in my pinball machines. http://pinside.com/pinball/community/pinsiders?s=1&q=dito&ad=0&sb=user_name&so=asc i was looking to make something like this myself, instead of $179. http://www.flipperfidelity.com/products.php?cat=Animated%20LED%20Backbox%20Light%20Replacement%20Panels&itemId=67
  14. just stumbled across this and was wondering if anyone has ever used it. looks simple enough, but not sure where it'd use it, maybe a mega tree? http://www.ledmagician.com/