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  1. I have a mix of LOR PC16 controllers and pixel controllers, and have always left them powered 24/7 from about Oct 1-Jan 1st. The light show itself only runs from say 6pm-midnight.... Is this the norm? Or do people kill power to the control units until before the show? I could automate this with simple extension cord timers, just not sure if it is better to leave power on (I think of keeping them dry through waste heat, and reducing start/stop inrush failures) or kill power for 14 hours to extend the life of the unit (if it does extend life.... kind of my question). For some reason I never really questioned this before, but this year I had to add my first power injection, using some outdoor rates 12V supplies and it made me think about the fans running 24/7....
  2. Great, work, would love any and all! jkroha@gmail.com
  3. Would love a copy! jkroha@gmail.com
  4. Would love a copy as well, jkroha@gmail.com
  5. Would love a copy, jkroha@gmail.com
  6. James would love a copy, still getting a handle on pixels jkroha@gmail.com
  7. Would love a copy, thank you! John at jkroha@gmail.com
  8. Would love this.... and what a great idea! John at jkroha@gmail.com
  9. Well in case it ever helps anyone, a separate power run from a new circuit fixed this, not sure if somehow it dropped voltage across just this unit when all the lights came on, or ??? Because they were LED I have all 6 units on 1 circuit, total amps seem fine but this unit dropped out, on a different plug its doing fine!
  10. Well doubled the size of my display this year, just got it all wired tonight, and have something I never ran into before. Every channel works, but my last controller on the R-45 linked daisy chain goes out if multiple other units are on (It goes out if 4x16 channels on, its fine with 1 other on, have not tested the in betweens) If I tell all 6 controllers to go flull on, it blinks the 16 lights on the unit then goes out, and even if I turn the others off (running a test sequence for all this), they wont come back on until I tell them to go off then on. It's almost like I blow a fuse, that resets, but only if others are running, and only on that unit? The setup is 6 controllers running only LED lights, probable 100-200 bulbs per channel. the other 5 units are fine, the only thing about this one to me so far is it is last in the control chain (unit ID is 3, but wiring order it is last. It is late, so have not tried the obvious steps of rewiring it to be first or such, just curious for any others insight or similar issues>? Only thing I did was upgrade firmware to 1.08, no difference. (opps these are all 16PCG3) Any thoughts are appreciated.... John
  11. would love this, thanks! jkroha@gmail.com
  12. I am so happy just to find the song, that is greatness. jkroha@gmail.com if you get the time, thanks!
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