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  1. Last year i was super excited to join everyone in building up light shows for christmas and halloween. I have always had a passion for electronics, and had so many great ideas that could be done with the Light O Rama controllers. So i bought a DIY kit and started putting it together. Over the last year i have not had time to complete putting it together and dont see me completing it anytime soon. So i am looking to sell it. The kit is a CTB16Kpcv1, 30amp 16channel with enclosure, upgraded heatsinks, 16 pigtails, and 2 power cords. some of the kit is already soldered and cleaned up, and all remaining parts are with the kit. im looking to sell it for $160. I can email additional pictures of the Kit if you are interested. Hoping someone can add this to their show and bring smiles to alot of faces. Thanks, Whiplash Vancouver, B.C., Canada
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