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  1. I don't like to glom James, but if you're still sharing would you please email me a copy? daveo150 at gmail dot com. Willing to share any of mine with you in return. Thanx, Dave
  2. I use a crappy 6 yr old Celeron and its always done the job just fine.....if you move into heavy pixels with thousands of channels, maybe not so much so....
  3. Love it! Thought I was the only one that went pumpkin nutz!
  4. Presumably you've converted those 3 channels into a single RGB channel in your channel configuration. Then just use the color fade too to select the colors you want (note that the color you see on your screen isn't always the color you get when projecting). White = all on (like said above); Black = all off.
  5. max, I had the same problem last year....start at square 1. with no dmx signal, do your lights run the test sequence correctly? if yes, try to control them with xlights. if they don't work there, the problem is your dmx signal. in my case, I had a bad solder joint on the dmx- wire and it caused random flickering the whole sequence.
  6. Dan, I take notice you say you're using LED rope light.....I will assume you know it can only be cut every 30" or so, and only where it's indicated on the rope light itself. I use 3/8 incan rope lights, but if i recall the LED rope light is supposed to be bent only along a single plane....(e.g. left/right ok, up/down bad). Something to do with the way the LEDs are connected to each other.......read the paperwork that came with the roll and see if it mentions something about proper bending.....food for thought. Good luck! D
  7. I have some Jim, I'd trade with ya....I did thriller, party rock, monster mash, I want candy, Halloween theme, tubular bells, and tocatta in d as the opening. I got carpimus noctem and tubular hell last year too, but never got em done. hit me on email at (me)@gmail.com
  8. how hi-tech do you want? do you want them controllable? if so, the 10w RGB floods on aliexpress (ray wu's store) are good, the 30w are insanely bright.
  9. daveo150

    DMX controller

    save yourself headaches....listen to William. if you want lots of pixels, you want the sandevice e682.
  10. if you're new to the color fade tool too, some advice......when the window opens don't close it after you pick the color you wanted....I kept closing it, because I don't like piles of windows open. can't tell u how long that drove me nuts until I figured out it wasnt working because I was dumb. leave the window open.
  11. I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but keep in mind if you're going with the usb485 dongle for your dmx universe, you're going to need an adapter to correct the dmx signal to the right cat5 pins. you can make one, or seasonal entertainment sells one.
  12. +1 to William.........yup, that's (at least part of) your problem.....unless your using the iDMX, LOR won't control native DMX without the advanced license. I noticed you're using the LOR USB485 to output the DMX signal, so take notice that you're going to have the '+1 channel offset' problem. (meaning if you set your device to DMX 1,2,3 you have to set the device in LOR to 2,3,4 and so forth)
  13. Your mega trees are some of the best I've seen! Very well done! And a great sequence to the disney 'i believe' thing.......takes me back.... Next year, have plans to upgrade the mega tree bigtime.
  14. Did that work? Because if you're playing from the sequence editor, you also have to check the 'control lights' box. D
  15. daveo150

    mega tree

    I have a 16 channel, 4 color mega tree........4 channels per color, but I double up the string on the opposite side so it appears that there's 8 channels per color. It doens't rotate as smoothly as I'd like, but I wanted 4 colors. I have a second box now, but haven't had time to program it. I have to say, given what I know now, I'd do 8 channels per color. If you want it to rotate well, you want 8 channels per. D
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